•                Workers Compensation ~ Important Information Regarding 
                                     Benefits & Medical Provider Network

    California Law requires employers to provide and pay for medical treatment if you are injured at work. Oak Park Unified School District is pleased to provide this medical care through WellComp MPN, a workers' compensation medical provider network (MPN).  An MPN is a group of health care providers set up by an employer and approved by California's Division of Workers' Compensation to treat workers injured on the job. The enclosed pamphlet contains important information regarding WellComp and your workers' compensation medical benefits. Please read it carefully.


    Your medical treatment for a work-related injury or illness is provided through the WellComp Medical Provider Network. Under Labor Code Section 4600, you have the option of treating with your personal physician if you have provided written notification to the District’s Business Department of your intent prior to your injury or illness.  The written request also requires the agreement and signature of your personal physician to treat you for your work-related injury or illness. If you wish to pre-designate your physician, you may use the form attached or forms may be obtained by contacting the Business Department at (818) 735-3254.  The completed form, signed by both you and your physician, should be returned to the Business Department.


    For additional information, please review the enclosed pamphlet carefully.  You may also contact WellComp Patient Services Department directly by telephone, or through the WellComp web site, www.wellcomp.net.
    Facts About Workers Compensation - New Information 5.1.2019