•  Cafeteria Procedures
    Click on any of the following links to access information on OPUSD's meal policies. For the complete meal policy, please see E3551 Meal Charge Policy
    Meal Policy
    No student will be denied a meal if he/she asks for one from the school cafeteria.
    The cafeteria staff will provide every OPUSD student with the advertised meal of the day regardless of the presence or absence of funds on hand or in his/her meal account. Only if the cafeteria is sold out of the meal of the day will the staff then offer a student a different meal. The full cost of the meal will be charged to the student's meal account, and parents/guardians must resolve all charges on meals requested by the student.
    The cafeteria staff cannot track when a student has rejected his/her own meal from home and wants one from the cafeteria instead. However, if a staff member suspects that that may be happening, he or she will bring the matter to the attention of the school site administration and to the Student Nutrition office. Parents/guardians are responsible for educating their children on family-specific rules regarding meal purchases in the cafeteria. 
    Nutrition - $3.00 | Lunch - $4.00 (Elementary); $4.50 (Secondary)
    Nutrition refers to the morning snack period that typically occurs between 10:00 am to 11:00 am (please refer to the specific bell schedule at your child's school and grade level). A meal at Nutrition comprises a whole grain-based breakfast entrée, fruit, and a choice of milk.
    A meal at Lunch consists of a whole grain and protein-based entrée, vegetables, fruit, and a choice of milk.
    Payment Options
    • Credit or Debit: Funds are available for use immediately through this payment option. Please log onto Q-Parent Connect. A transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will be assessed by PayPal on every payment made. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service. Parents/guardians must enter as the PIN the email address they have on file with the district and a unique password provided at registration. The password can be easily reset by clicking on "Need Your Login Information?" upon accessing Q-Parent Connect.
    • Check: All checks must be made payable to OPUSD. All checks must include the full name of the student and student ID number (if available). Checks covering payments for more than one child must include clear instructions on how the money should be divided. If a check is returned due to not sufficient funds (NSF), the full amount of the check and the NSF fee will be deducted from the student's cafeteria account. If a check has been returned due to NSF, parents must make the replacement payment using the online payment system or with cash within 7 days of notification from the Student Nutrition office. 
    • Cash: Cash is accepted in person in the cafeteria and at the Student Nutrition office at 5801 Conifer Street, Oak Park, CA 91377. Cash must be placed in a sealed envelope with the student's full name and student ID number (if available) clearly printed on the front. 
    Viewing Account Balances
    Please ensure that your child has adequate funds in his or her account to cover the cost of meals and/or snacks. You may view your child's cafeteria account balance via Q-Parent Connect. If you do not have your login information, you will have the opportunity to reset it on Q-Parent Connect.
    A la Carte or Second Meal Purchases with Insufficient Funds
    Purchases of a la carte items at the snack bars at Medea Creek Middle School, Oak Park High School, and Oak View High School are not allowed unless funds are present. If a student wants to make an a la carte purchase but does not have sufficient funds, he/she will be redirected to the cafeteria to get the meal of the day.

    In accordance with federal policy, students in the cafeteria are always handed their tray or plate of food before their accounts can be accessed and charged. For food safety purposes and to prevent from drawing attention to students with insufficient funds, cafeteria staff will not take back a meal that has already been served. If a student requests and has been handed a second meal, the staff will allow the student to purchase the second meal even if the student does not have funds on hand to pay for it. The meal will be charged to the student's meal account and the negative balance must be paid by parents/guardians.

    Negative Accounts
    The administrative staff at the Student Nutrition office will communicate all matters concerning negative meal accounts directly with parents/guardians. School cafeteria staff will not directly solicit funds from students. However, the staff at Medea Creek Middle School, Oak Park High School, and Oak View High School may alert students at the point of sale if and when their account balances are low.
    When a student's cafeteria account drops under $0, a courtesy notice will be automatically generated and emailed to parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are expected to respond to the email or refill the account within 7 calendar days. Email notifications will continue to be generated and sent on a weekly basis for as long as the account remains in arrears. Automatic phone calls will also be placed to parents whose student's cafeteria accounts fall under -$10. 
    If you believe one or more charges on the account may be erroneous, please call the Student Nutrition department at (818) 735-3264 immediately. After 10 days of the charge on the account, any charges incurred and undisputed are considered valid and must be paid.
    If an account remains unpaid one month after the date the account first becomes negative, it is considered unrecovered or delinquent. A printed notice will be mailed home. A phone call may be placed to the parents/guardians at the phone numbers listed in the student information system. 
    If an account exceeds $50 in unpaid charges, a printed notice will be sent to parents/guardians via certified mail requesting payment within 7 calendar days of receiving the notice. Additionally, families with accounts consistently in arrears may receive a phone call from the Superintendent to discuss reasons for repeated delinquency and be provided with information on free and reduced-price meals or social services.
    Repayment Plans
    Families desiring to set up a repayment plan must contact the Carole Ly at cly@opusd.org before the last day of school.
    Unused Funds
    Any funds remaining on a student's account by the end of the school year will automatically carry over into the next. If you would like a refund on unused funds at any time, please email Linda La Tourette at llatourette@opusd.org.
    After the last day of school, the Student Nutrition office will send a one-time email notification to the parents/guardians of all students who have left the district, notifying them of the unused funds. For students on Free and Reduced-Price meals, the Student Nutrition office will also mail a letter to the parents/guardians. Families have 7 days from the date the email was sent (or 7 days from the date of receipt of the mailed letter) to respond and provide directions on how to disperse the funds.
    Families may opt to transfer unused funds to between siblings attending schools in OPUSD, request a refund, or donate the balance to help resolve any outstanding negative balances remaining for other students in the district.
    Fund Transfers Between Siblings
    Families opting to transfer meal funds between siblings must email Linda La Tourette at llatourette@opusd.org with detailed instructions on the names of the students and the amount to be transferred. The Student Nutrition office will not automatically move funds between accounts without express instruction from parents/guardians.
    The Student Nutrition office will set aside all donated funds to used to assist students who need help paying for school meals, including but not limited to, students on reduced-price meals who are unable to pay the $0.40 charge per meal and students who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals based on federal eligibility rates but are otherwise in need.  
    Account Fraud or Unauthorized Activity
    It is important that email addresses and other contact information are up-to-date on the student information system to ensure that parents/guardians are receiving important email notifications regarding their children's accounts.

    Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to regularly track cafeteria spending via the online student information system and to contact the student nutrition department if any charges look suspicious. If a parent/guardian has a concern about incorrect charges on a student's account, he/she must contact Carole Ly at cly@opusd.org within 10 days of the date the charge was incurred to ensure prompt action in curbing fraudulent or unauthorized activity. After 10 days, all charges to the student's account are considered valid and must be paid.

    Accessing Meals - Elementary Schools
    Elementary classroom teachers conduct daily meal counts in the morning to help the cafeteria staff determine the number of meals to prepare. If a child intends to eat nutrition and/or lunch meals at the cafeteria, he or she must raise his/her hand to alert the teacher. This will allow the cafeteria staff to prepare adequate meals for all students.
    To move the lines more effectively, all three elementary schools employ a meal card system.
    At the beginning of the school year, the District will create color-coded meal cards for all students at the elementary schools. Cards will contain the student’s name, most recent class photo (if available), student identification number, and a unique barcode. Each student will have two cards, one to exchange for breakfast meals at Nutrition and the other for lunch meals. All cards will be given to the classroom teacher for safekeeping. Before each meal period, teachers will dispense the cards for the appropriate meal period to the students who will be eating in the cafeteria. Students will go up to the cafeteria window, take their meal, and hand their card to the cafeteria staff member who will verify their identity and scan the cards in the point of sale system at the end of the meal period. The cafeteria staff member will return all cards to the teachers’ boxes by the end of the day. Children will receive clear instructions from their teachers on the first day of school.
    All meals at the elementary schools are pre-plated with the necessary components to make up a well-balanced meal. Milk is offered as an optional selection.  
    Accessing Meals - Middle and High Schools
    Students either enter their student ID number on the number keypad at the register or hand his/her student ID card to the staff member to be scanned.
    Medea Creek Middle School and Oak Park High School: Meals in the school cafeterias are offered in the scoop-and-serve style. Upon entering the cafeteria line, a student will be asked to select items to make up a full meal. The staff will plate the selections and hand the plate to the student. The student then has the option to grab milk or extra fruit before they reach the register.
    Oak View High School: Students desiring a complete meal will be offered a selection of separately prepackaged meal components from which to choose.  
       Updated 10.11.17