• Elementary:

    For TK students, our cafeteria staff will pack the meals for all participating students, and a campus supervisor or aide will pick up the meals from the cafeteria and distribute them to the students in the TK classrooms. K-5 students will line up in the cafeteria to pick up their meals.


    Students will line up at the cafeteria to retrieve their meals. Please note that there is a separate window for the snack bar, which is also used for serving Breakfast. During Lunch, the snack bar is for paid snack purchases only. 


    Students will retrieve their meals from the cafeteria, located across the way from the gym. Please note that the snack bar is located in the gym foyer across the way from the cafeteria, and is for paid snack purchases only. Meals will not be available at our snack bar window.


    Students can pick up their breakfast and lunch at the OVHS snack shack window.