• Welcome to Algebra I

    Algebra I delivers traditionally rigorous algebraic content using a problem-based approach. It has strong threads woven throughout the course on multiple representations and the meaning of a solution. A major focus of the course is to develop multiple strategies to solve problems and to recognize multiple ways of understanding concepts.  

    The course is structured around problems and investigations that build the conceptual understanding of these algebraic topics and an awareness of connections between the different ideas. Students are encouraged to investigate, communicate their thinking, and generalize.

    Lessons are structured for students to collaborate actively by working in study teams. During class time, students work together on challenging problems that introduce new material. In several circumstances, an investigation or challenge will be presented with a Task Statement and Further Guidance structure.

    The homework in the "Review & Preview" section of each lesson reinforces previously-learned skills and concepts and prepares students for new ones. The homework problems also allow students to apply previously-learned concepts and skills in new contexts and deepen their understanding by solving the same type of problem in different ways.

    Algebra I is the foundation and language for upper division math courses. We have a fantastic, challenging curriculum that has prepared students for success in high school for many years. And it's fun too!