• Counselors' Corner  
    Medea creek has three full time counselors. We divide our students by alphabet across grade levels.
    • Mrs. Diane Large    Student Last Names A-G
    • Mr.   Rob Sitomer   Student Last Names H-O
    • Mrs. Stephanie Perez Student Last Names P-Z


    Cyber Bullying is a nationwide issue that affects middle school students. 


    MCMS Culmination Requirements


    8th grade students look forward to several special activities as a part of successfully completing middle school.  These activities include the 8th grade dance, the 8th grade trip to Disneyland and the culmination ceremony. These privileges are only available to those 8th grade students who meet the standards for culmination.


    8th grade students must meet the following requirements:


    • All students must maintain a minimum average GPA of 1.5. 
    • All students must not receive more than four (4) "Unsatisfactory"marks in Citizenship, during the 8th grade academic year, with no more than one (1) "Unsatisfactory" mark in Citizenship during the final quarter of the 8th grade academic year.
    •  All students must have no Fails in the final quarter of the 8th grade year


    Activities may be denied for violations of standards during the final semester.

    Discipline suspensions or referrals may also cause students to be prevented from participating in the culmination activities.


    If a student does not meet these privilege standards,participation in school activities, culmination, promotion or retention of the student will be determined by the Student Study Team.


    Please note: If you are planning to play sports in high school CIF rules state that you must have a 2.0 GPA and no F's on your report card. Middle school students should make sure that the last report of this year meets that requirement or you will not be eligible to participate in sports during the first quarter of your Freshman year.