• Technology Planning

    OPUSD's most recent three-year Technology Master Plan was written by the District Technology Committee and approved by the Governing Board on April 19, 2016.
       Download the Plan:  OPUSD Technology Master Plan for 2016-19 
    To support the district's Technology plan, the district has prepared a Technology Expenditures Projection - 10 Year Timeline to help guide long term budget planning. 
    As Part 4 of the district's series of workshops on understanding and preparing for Common Core, Enoch Kwok, OPUSD's director of technology gives a 90 minute presentation offering a strategic perspective on the district's approach to implementing technology in the classroom to enhance Teaching, Learning, and Collaboration. Watch this video to find answers to Why, How, When, and What technology implementation looks like and where we go from here.
       View Video: A New Perspective On Teaching, Learning, and Collaboration - January 13, 2016.