•     CJSF
    Welcome to CJSF at Medea Creek Middle School.
    Meetings: Immediately after school every Thursday, except the 1st Thursday of each month, from 2:45 - 3:00. There will be Thursdays where the meeting may go a little longer.  CJSF members will be told at the prior meeting when we aniticpate the next meeting will go long.
    CJSF is open to students who qualify and are
    currently in the 7th or 8th grade. 
    Applications for Spring 2020 are
    due on Thursday, January 30
    Faculty Advisor:
    Catherine Steiner


    The California Scholarship Federation and the California Junior
    Scholarship Federation (CSF and CJSF) emphasize high
    standards of service, scholarship, and citizenship for
    California middle and high school students. CSF and
    CJSF encourage service to the school and community
    while fostering pride in scholastic achievement.