50th Anniversary Oak Park-Opoly Game Board 

    Oak Park-Opoly  

    The Oak Park Community is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in honor of all the families and businesses who have helped build this community into the Top Rated School District and Family Friendly Environment we all have come to love.  To mark this auspicious event, the OPUSD Community Outreach Committee has produced our own Oak Park-Opoly Game Board.

    We have asked our community to sponsor the game board to give it an authentic look at Oak Park and to celebrate its history.  We are offering this unique one-of-a-kind game board at a special Sale Price.  Board Spaces includes the first 6 streets built in Oak Park, our special parks and outlying hiking trails along with some very unique icons.  The game tokens honor the Fire Department, Parks and Recreation, Environmental Consciousness, western movie history and our beloved Oak Park Eagle!  We also have special properties set aside for all 3 elementary schools, Medea Creek Middle School and our amazing High School!

    All proceeds from sponsorships and the sale of game boards will benefit our Big Sunday Projects throughout our community for the next several years.  If you would like to purchase a game board at the special marked down price of $25, please click the button below.  All sales are final.  Please collect your copy of the game board at the District Office 5801 Conifer Street. 

    We would like to Thank Our Business Sponsors:                                                  

    • Adam Shotland       
    • Debbie Gates Realty
    • Dr. Matthew
    • Enhanced Landscape
    • Hughes Engineering
    • Italia Deli
    • Great Race
    • Kramer's Pharmacy
    • MM Mechanical
    • Oak Park Neighborhood Pre-School
    • Oak Park Now
    • Oak Park Veterinarian
    • Postal Annex
    • Stevensen Fitness
    • Save Our Spaces
    • The Acorn Newspaper

    Thank you to all our Family Sponsors:

    • Caruso Family
    • Finch & Harris Families
    • Friedin Family
    • Foresti Family
    • Gutell Family
    • Helfstein Family
    • Kapitz Family
    • Lam Family
    • Larson Family
    • McGuire Family
    • Mohammadi Family
    • Ross Family
    • Trux Family


    Order your Game Board by Clicking the Buy Now Button Below! 

    $25 + $1(convenience fee) each!, 


    Please make sure to pick up your game from the District Office at 5801 Conifer Street, Oak Park 

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