Who is eligible?

    • Each nominee must be a permanent full-time or part-time classified or certificated employee. (Nominations are received and verified by the Human Resources Department)


    Strive to put others first; push to go above and beyond to make a difference in their specific role; perform each day with a positive attitude and strong work ethic and demonstrate a passion for their job, innovation, leadership, and love for the Oak Park District.

    Guidelines for Writing a Nomination:

    Please describe why you think the nominee has earned the honor of becoming the “The Classified/Certificated Employee of the Month.”

    For this nomination to be considered, the nominating individual must list detailed reasons why the HR staff and site administrators should consider the nominee(s).

    The HR Staff/Site admin will review all nominations and may seek additional information in writing or in person from the person making the nomination.

    You may complete this form as a paragraph or a list of relevant information. Thank you for nominating your fellow employees for their contributions to the Oak Park USD.

    You may provide the nomination via this link: https://forms.gle/oFbREsmuNXix4rrS9

Last Modified on April 3, 2024