• Oak Park USD Board of Education
    GOALS 2018-2019

    The board and superintendent working together as a governance team, serve to lead the district to achieve the desired goals. Their actions embody the basic characteristics and behaviors that enable each governance team member to work with the others to effectively create a climate for excellence in the school district and maintain a focus on student learning and achievement. Every year the Board meets in the summer and develops Goals for the upcoming year. These goals are then approved at the first meeting of the new school year which is held in August.

    1. The Board will provide a monthly report of Board meetings, developed by the Board President and/or Superintendent, which shall be widely distributed consistent with the District’s communication plan.

    2. The Board, in conjunction with the Superintendent, will solicit staff for feedback on the development of the District’s Moral Imperatives and Goals, Local Control and Accountability Plan, and Annual Budget.

    3. The Board, in conjunction with the Superintendent, will maintain and continue to develop relationships with local, state and Federal representatives.

    4. The Board will ensure that the governance handbook is reviewed and updated, as needed, and used as a tool to train new Board members.

    5. The Board will conduct a Board self-evaluation at least every other year.

    6. The Board will regularly honor students, staff, parents, and community members at monthly Board meetings.

    7. The Board will create opportunities to attain direct feedback from students, staff, parents, PTOs, OPEF, and community members.

    8. The Board will visit District and school sites regularly.