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    Our online training model offers you flexibility and convenience to learn at your own pace and based on your interests. Optional implementation components offer supported time to experiment with technology, as well as identify best-fit applications for your classroom to create a customized experience, both for yourself and for your students.

    Online trainings are open to all staff, count towards Buy Back hours, and are accessible at any time throughout the year. In-person live trainings will continue to be offered as well.

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    Current Online Offerings (Updated 2/1/2016) 

    Getting to Know Google Classroom
    Google Classroom is a tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. Google Classroom helps students organize their work in Google Drive, complete and turn it in, and communicate directly with their teachers and peers.
    EDpuzzle is an easy to use web-based tool that allows teachers to quickly turn videos into lessons. Find your content by searching videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites, or upload your own videos. Customize and remix the videos to engage and focus learning. Editing options include cropping, inserting audio notes or a voiceover, and embedding questions. “Share” the video with students using an easy code or URL link. 
    A sampling of iPad apps that can be used at any grade level and for any content. Each app will be introduced, given suggested implementations, and include a video tutorial.

    Using Class Dojo to Monitor Classroom Behavior and Work Habits

    Learn the basics of how to use the website and iPad app Class Dojo. The first portion will

    explore the why and how of Class Dojo, how to navigate through the site,

    and how to manage student data. The second

    portion will ask you to experiment with Class Dojo for a week in your classroom with your students.


    Doceri is an application that allows you to control your computer screen from your iPad. Reflector is an application that allows you to project your iPad screen onto your computer screen. Learn the basics of how to utilize both of these applications in order to strengthen your instruction and enhance student engagement. 

    Let's Get Google-y! with Google Drive

    Learn the basics of how to use your Google Drive both personally and in the classroom. The first portion will explore the why and how of the district Google Drive, how to create and organize new Google docs and folders, share, upload and download files, folders and documents. The second portion will focus on ideas for implementing into day to day procedures as well as classroom instruction.

    Introduction to the iPad Cart

    Part 1's EdPuzzle link is provided below.Learn how to checkout and use the iPad cart in your classroom. This training includes information on -- how to reserve the iPad cart using a shared Google Doc., policies and procedures for both teachers and students, overview of preloaded apps, how to request apps to be added to the cart, as well as basic sharing of products between students and with the teacher.


    Learn the basics of how to use the web app Keepvid to download videos from YouTube and other streaming websites. The first portion will explore the why and how of Keepvid, how to select and download videos, and how to choose the best file type for your purpose. The second portion will ask you to download a video, and include it in a lesson.


    In this lesson you will learn about how to use the MeMatic Application to create internet memes for, or with, your class. 

    Getting Started with Schoolwires (Teacher Webpage Editing)

    This training will explain the basics needed to update your Schoolwires website. You will learn how to add a new page, format text, add file links, add internet links, add email links, and add images to your site. You will then be able to apply this knew knowledge to the creation of your website and submit your work for buy back hours.
Last Modified on May 4, 2017