• Program Design

    • The district is committed to differentiating the core curriculum for all students during the regular school day. Teachers plan classroom experiences that extend and enrich the core curriculum for GATE students.  
    • The district provides support from the GATE and general curriculum budgets for staff development and identification while site GATE budgets provides specific materials and experiences for differentiated services.
    • The GATE District Advisory Committee (GATE DAC) meets monthly.  Membership includes the Director of Curriculum & Instruction/District GATE Coordinator, parent–co-chair, site GATE Coordinators, parents from each school site, board members, and principals.
    • Information on the district plan can be obtained through brochures at each site, the district website staff meetings, parent meetings and district newsletters.  There is a district-wide orientation meeting at the beginning of each school year that describes both the identification process and the program at all levels. 
    • Counseling services are an integral part of our educational program for students at all grade levels, including elementary school.  Counselors receive specific training in the areas of social, emotional, and intellectual development of gifted children.   

    Grouping and structures available for all gifted learners 

    • Our grouping strategies are designed to provide effective differentiation, interaction with intellectual peers, and continuity of learning within and across grade levels. 
      • Cluster grouping:  Gifted learners are cluster grouped in elementary and middle school. This cluster design provides true intellectual peers and thereby facilitates dynamic interaction and is an important factor in meeting the social and emotional needs of GATE children.
      • Fluid grouping:  Fluid grouping provides individualized and leveled instruction for students.  Block schedules at the elementary schools for reading and math create a structure that allows for fluid grouping of students within and between classrooms at all grade levels.
    • At the secondary level, the groupings and program structures are not limited to a single type at any grade level.  High school students are able to individualize their education plan based on their needs, interests, and creative abilities, including but not limited to Honors and AP classes.  Our staff development plan includes the training of teachers, counselors, and administrators in differentiation strategies at the secondary level to ensure that underachieving gifted students and those who do not take Honors and AP classes still receive the challenge that they need.


    Articulation with the general education programs 

    • District philosophy dictates that depth and complexity in lessons be rooted in grade level standards. All children address the same standards, but the route to learning the standard allows GATE children to explore advanced content through a variety of experiences suited to their individual styles and pacing needs.  These learning experiences include developing critical thinking and problem solving skills as they relate to the core curriculum.