• Message from the Superintendent

    The Oak Park Unified School District is a truly remarkable place.  It is remarkable on many counts, but mainly it is a place for children to grow, where they will be valued and honored and be educated in a tradition of excellence and quality that is unsurpassed in public schools in California.  We often refer to our schools in Oak Park as being world-class.  To me, a world-class education engages students using a blend of the latest technology with more traditional experiences such as gardening, performing in a play, singing, painting, and building things.  We also say that we educate the ‘whole child.’  This means we offer a program where our students learn in a climate of care exemplified by our extensive counseling programs that nurture their mental health and wellbeing, the food we serve them in the cafeteria, the cleanliness of the air in the classrooms, our new and modern facilities, the supervision we provide, and, most importantly, through the people that educate and care for our students each day.  
    Oak Park is a District of Choice as designated by our Board of Education under provisions of state law and we also accept students under traditional permits from surrounding districts.  Of course, buying or renting a home, condo, or apartment in Oak Park is the best way to ensure your child attends school here.  The addition of students from surrounding communities has increased our diversity and our excellence.  By accepting these students, we have been able to offer a greater variety of programs, course offerings, and extracurricular activities.  As state funding follows students in California, we have also improved the financial stability of the District.  School choice improves education in California, ensuring that school systems do not take students for granted simply because of their address. 
    Oak Park schools are recognized for their excellence. We invite you to find out more about our schools by arranging a visit. Please call Linda Gam, Support Services, at 818.735.3253 or email lgam@opusd.org for assistance with your interdistrict transfer.


    Anthony W. Knight, Ed. D.