• Oak Park USD Mission 

    The mission of the Oak Park Unified School District is to provide students with a strong foundation for learning which meets the challenges of the present and of the future through a balanced education which includes academic achievement, personal growth, and social responsibility.

    District Motto 
    "Educating Compassionate and Creative Global Citizens"
    When we talk about compassion, we understand the literal meaning of the word, which is co-suffering.  Compassionate people understand the plight and difficulties of others and work to alleviate suffering wherever it exists.  We can demonstrate and practice compassion towards other people, animals, and the environment. Children learn about compassion by observing adults practice it and by what they hear adults say.  Schools can teach students about compassion in many ways, through literature, history, discussion, and by providing opportunities to do good.  

    Creativity is the spark that makes life interesting.  We all possess it and it is important that a school system help students to discover it within themselves and nurture it. Creative people are interesting, solve problems, have open minds, and see the world in new ways.  Creativity is probably the most important '21st century skill.'  

    We are citizens of our locality, of our state, and of our nation. We are also citizens of the world.  When we look at the Earth from space we do not see borders and boundaries.  We are part of a web of people who share this place. Being a good global citizen means participating in our own democracy, having a sense of social responsibility for the people around us, of our nation, and of the world, and caring for the environment we all share and will pass on to our posterity.   
Last Modified on June 23, 2022