• Districts provide procedures to ensure consistent participation of parents and community members in the planning and evaluation of programs for gifted students. 

    • Parents and guardians who are well informed about our GATE program are more effective partners in their children’s education.  We provide this information in a variety of ways:  The GATE brochure; regular mailings to parents of all identified students; articles about GATE in school newsletters; open forum discussions at schools; part of SARCs and Single Plans; and the GATE section on the district website.
    • The district GATE application is posted on the district website.  Parents are informed of the posting through our school newsletters.  Teachers who are initiating the identification process will provide parents with the application as the parent referral form provides the GIT with additional information about a student’s abilities.
    • Through the district DAC, parents are an integral part of the planning and evaluation of the district GATE program.  Parents on the DAC are invited and encouraged to attend all of the staff development sessions offered to teachers, counselors, and administrators.  Parents attend Tri-County GATE meetings with district staff each month.  Parents also attend the annual CAG conference.  We conduct an annual survey of parents regarding program effectiveness. 
    • An introductory letter is sent to all parents of newly identified GATE students.  This letter fully explains the program and encourages parents to be involved.  All parents are invited to a district-wide GATE orientation meeting.  The district GATE coordinator and the principals articulate the program.  Topics of discussion include:  characteristics, social and emotional concerns, program options, and resources available for parents.  Teachers are available to answer questions and describe how they differentiate instruction for GATE students.  GATE information is available on the district website and through regular updates in our school newsletters.  We are planning to expand our school website to include links to current research and other resources that assist in building a partnership between our parents and the schools. 
    • All students need an opportunity to share their accomplishments with authentic audiences.  To enable this we: display student work throughout our schools and classrooms; place work in a portfolio to share with parents at student-led conferences; arrange presentations by students at school board meetings; publish student work in school newspapers and on the school websites; participate in the science fairs, spelling and geography bees, Academic Decathalon, as well as numerous musical and performing arts presentations. 
    • Parents are highly involved in the instructional program in our schools.  Parents help teachers to differentiate the curriculum by bringing in their special expertise, running book clubs, serving as art docents, working with small groups on field trips, and developing enrichment opportunities such as school gardens, character education, and performing arts. 
    Click here for a GATE Parent Referral Form
    A complete version of this GATE application is available from the OPUSD office.