• Provisions for Buy Back Day Credit for Teacher Collaboration
    CURRENT STATUS:  While there is now some flexibility with staff development guidelines because of budget decisions, the philosophy in Oak Park remains the same.  Work done for Buy Back Days should support the Ed Code guidelines as well as the District’s Goals and Moral Imperatives.  Teachers are encouraged to attend trainings for professional growth as they have been in the past.  All qualifying staff development work must be done outside of the school day or regular school year. 


    This year, in addition to attending trainings, teachers may also participate in collaborative curriculum projects with the following provisions.  They:

    Ø      Must result in staff development for a team, department, or grade level, not just in individual growth.

    Ø      Must result in a shared product for the team, department, or grade level.  Evidence will need to be submitted.

    Ø      Must support the District’s Goals/Moral Imperatives and be focused on improving student learning.

    Ø      Must be held at a school site

    Ø      Must be pre-approved by the site administrator.  Application forms will be provided.




    2023-2024 Buy Back Day Passport

    2022-2023 Buy Back Day Passport

    2021-2022 Buy Back Day Passport

    2019-2020 Buy Back Day Passport

    2018-2019 Buy Back Day Passport

    2018-2019 Buy Back Project Form


Last Modified on July 27, 2023