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    Welcome to the Oak Park Unified School District Communications webpage

     Ragini Aggarwal
    Public Information & Strategic Communications Officer

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    The Communications Department is a part of the Office of the Superintendent. Oak Park USD’s Public Information & Strategic Communications Officer is responsible for district-level internal and external communications and public relations while ensuring strategies are in alignment with the District’s vision, mission, and goals. Our Public Information & Strategic Communications Officer works in concert with schools, district administrators, community groups, and individuals to provide information of interest to the school community. 

    The District is committed to consistently providing clear, accurate, relevant, and timely information to stakeholders, reporting on district progress, seeking input, and encouraging participation in a two-way communication process.
Please feel free to share story ideas or to request coverage of an event with us. We love to showcase all the wonderful things our children, teachers, staff, and community are doing.

    THE MISSION of the OPUSD Communications Team is to support our district’s students, staff, families, and community by:

    • providing transparent, timely, and accurate information and resources.
    • communicating quickly, yet accurately during safety and crisis situations.
    • building relationships and partnerships.
    • celebrating our students and staff in order to advance the common goal of providing a high-quality public education to all students.

    THE VISION of the OPUSD Communications Team is to help the community connect with, and invest in, their schools and the school district. The OPUSD Communications Team will act as a trusted resource for schools, students, families, staff, and community members.

    Current Communications Services include:

    • Public Information
    • Crisis and Emergency Communications
    • School Marketing, Website, and Communications Support
    • Digital Marketing / Social Media
    • Community Relations
    • Parent Engagement
    • Media Relations
    • Event Production and Promotion
    • Graphic Design and Video Production
    • Livestreaming of Board Meetings and Events
    • Public Records Requests
    • Annual Notice of Parents Rights and Responsibilities
    • Internal News/Event Coverage
    • Coordination of Student/Staff Awards and Board Recognitions