• Facilities Maintenance and Operations




    TOUGH JOB(OMRI) certified-child safe claim bio preferred-made from corn and soy.
    Degrades in 18-days- multipurpose degreaser.
    PROXI CONCENTRATE(OMRI) certified-natures scrub brush- leaves nothing behind on the surface.
    Multi cleaner windows mirrors restroom and all hard surface.
    EC GLASS CLEANER- no alcohol, no ammonia and made from plants. natural
    EC NEUTRAL DISINFECTANT- hospital grade disinfectant. =   ½ oz of disinfectant to 1-gal of water. (Nothing/safe)
    In a spray bottle- this will outperform any wipe-and will be more sustainable than a pile of wipes in your garbage footprint.
    Leave open wipes they will dry out and put disinfecting at risk.
    3-BAY SINK
    EC SUDSATION(OMRI)-certified- natural no-odor POT N PAN cleaner.
    F- 20 SANITIZER- very low dilution ratio- for kitchen sanitizing
    All products have no odor and non-hazardous
    NOVUS- FINISH-no odor-use less
    EC STRIPPER-low odor-non-hazardous
    EC ENHANCER- no odor spray buff
    PROXI ENCAP- no chemical left behind removes all soils naturally.
    Oak Park has the strongest sustainable, healthier, and safer cleaning program for all schools.
    Healthy schools link:-click for info