A research study out of Michigan State University found a most interesting finding, the importance of sustained participation in Visual and Performing Art activities was correlated with success in STEM-related fields. Musical training seems to be most important. The researchers found 93 percent of the STEM graduates reported musical training at some point in their lives, as compared to only 34 percent of average adults, as reported by the National Endowment for the Arts. The STEM graduates also reported higher-than-average involvement in the visual arts, acting, dance and creative writing. “If you started as a young child and continued in your adult years, you’re more likely to be an inventor as measured by the number of patents generated, businesses formed or articles published. And that was something we were surprised to discover.”  
    Create CA is a coalition of dedicated and innovative leaders who understand that together we have the power to create lasting change to ensure Arts every day for every student. Their mission is to ensure that ALL students are able to reach their full potential by advancing an education model that promotes creativity and the arts for the 21st Century worker.
    Create CA spent more than two year's developing a comprehensive plan for transforming California schools and implementing an Education Code for grades DK-6, CEC 51210 and grades 7-12, CEC 51220, that makes music, dance, theatre and visual arts, a key component of the curriculum and guarantees all students a creative education. The result of that diligent work, A Blueprint for Creative Schools, adopted by the state superintendent of schools, Tom Torlakson. To implement this the Create CA Strategic Roadmap was developed. 
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