• School Attendance

     Regular school attendance is important if a child is to reach his or her full potential.  As the 2018-2019 school year begins, Oak Park Unified School District urges you to make an extra effort to ensure that your child establishes a regular attendance pattern and that he/she arrives to school on time.  Last year, Oak Park Unified students missed a total of 23,168 school  days. Student absences cost our district $1,151,681 last year.  School districts receive funding, not on enrollment but attendance. These go hand-in-hand.  A student may be enrolled, but only attend 95% of the school year. That means the state only funds the school district 95% of that student's allocation.  The state withholds funding for ANY absence on a DAILY basis. We congratulate and salute those students and their parents who are already meeting the goal of regular attendance.  In addition, we want to thank all of the parents and staff for a 0.51 percent increase in our district attendance from the previous year’s.  This school year, we will continue recognizing all schools who improve their overall attendance by issuing monetary incentives with our WE COME TO SCHOOL PROGRAM.


    96% - BRONZE     - 97% - SILVER    - 98% - GOLD -     99% PLATINUM

    There will be a financial incentive for each school, each month as follows:

    SILVER - $500

    GOLD - $1000

    PLATINUM - $1500

    Attendance staff will periodically review each student’s attendance pattern.  Parents will be notified if there is a concern that the student’s absences or tardies are of a concern.  If there is an issue or concern that I might help you with, please feel free to contact me and/or the principal of your school.

    It is our belief at Oak Park Unified School District that the partnership between families and the school can help students successfully pursue their educational development.  We thank you for your support. Any assistance that you can provide us in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.


    Stewart McGugan

    Director of Student Support and School Safety