• Brooksides Attendance Policy
    (as of 8/21/09)


    Per State law the only legally excused absences are for illness; quarantine imposed by a public health officer; a medical, dental or optometry appointment; or funeral services of a member of the student’s immediate family.  All other absences require prior permission.  Prior permission means that absences for personal reasons such a court appearances, religious holidays and retreats must be requested at least three school days in advance to be considered an excused absence.  It is the parent’s responsibility to turn a request into the office and to check with the office to see if it has been approved.  If an absence is not approved it will be considered unexcused.  A student shall be considered truant after six unexcused absences in a school year.  The district only receives funding when a student is present for all or part of a school day or when a student is on Independent Study.  Independent Study may not be requested for absences less than five days.


    Independent Study


    IMPORTANT:  All independent study requests must go through the office to be valid.  Simply asking the teacher for work does not qualify for independent study.


    Independent Study is to be used when families know in advance that their children will be absent from school for reasons other than illness or a death in the immediate family. Please note the following guidelines as set by the school board:


    1.     Independent Study contracts shall be requested by parents in person at the school office and can be for no less than five days.

    2.     All contracts shall be signed and dated by the student, parent and teacher before turning into the office.

    3.     A clear and definite homework assignment shall be given to the student, which will substitute for at least a minimum day’s worth of work for each day absent from school.  The contract and all accompanying homework shall be turned into the teacher the day the student returns to school.  The work should be treated as any other assignment and marked accordingly.

    4.     At the end of each school accounting period (4 weeks) the student services assistant will record all independent study days and will verify that all work has been turned in for each of those days.  If work had not been turned in and is overdue, that student’s absences will be recorded as unexcused.  At that time the Independent Study contract will be cancelled and the teacher will make note of the missing work.





Last Modified on July 19, 2016