Draw and label 10 pictures on index cards of objects that start with your sound.

    Roll a ball over your cards.  Name each one that the ball rolls over.

    Hide the cards around the house and hem as you find them.

    While driving in the car, an adult says, “I’m thinking of…” and describes a card until you guess.

    Name your cards before and after you brush your teeth.

    Play Simon Says while naming your cards when you are riding in the car.

    Pretend to be a jack-in-the-box and name a card each time you pop up.

    String a cereal necklace.  Put on a new piece for every card you name.

    Name your cards as you shine a flashlight beam on each one.

    Put your cards on a cookie tray.  Flip them with a spatula while you name them.

    Play What’s Missing?  Put cards face up, adult takes one away.  Guess which one it was.

    Use clothespins to pin your cards on a clothes hanger.  Name them as you hang them up.

    Put your cards under your pillow.  Say them when you go to bed and when you get up.

    Stir your picture cards in a big bowl or pot and name them as you scoop them out. 

    Hide your cards in a magazine or look for new pictures with your sound.  Name them as you find them.

    Put your cards under your dinner plate.  Name them before and after you eat.

    Name your cards as you toss a penny on top of each one.

    Play “school” with a friend or a sibling using your cards.

    When going for a ride in the car, say your words before you leave and after you arrive.

    Say your words into a tape recorder and play them back.

    Put your cards on the refrigerator.  Use magnets or tape.  Name them as you put them up.

    Place your cards on some steps, one card for each step. Name them as you step next to them.

    Blow bubbles while naming your picture cards.

    Play Memory or Concentration with your cards.

    Name your cards while you “mail” them into an envelope.

    Name your cards while you talk into a toy telephone.

    Bounce a ball on your cards, one at a time, as you name them.

    Balance your cards, one at a time, on the palm of your hand.  Name them as you walk across the room.

    Put paper cups or blocks on top of your cards.  Name them as you “bowl” them over with a ball.

    Roll a toy car over your pictures as you name them.

    Put a piece of food/chip on top of each card. Name the picture and eat the food.

    Name your cards as you take them out of a lunch pail or a small bag.

    Have a puppet or a stuffed animal give you your cards as you name them.

    Throw your cards one-by-one into a shoebox.  Name them as you throw them.

    Hide a penny under one of your picture cards.  Name your cards and look for the penny.

    Articulation Home Activity Calendar