Children’s safety is everyone’s responsibility. The following procedures have been developed to provide a safe and efficient way to get all of our students to and from school safely each day. We thank you now for your cooperation.   

    Please respect traffic and parking signs surrounding the school. Note that there are “no parking” and “no stopping” zones in front of the school and on adjacent streets. In addition, crosswalks and crossing guards should be respected at all times.

    Please support our parent helpers!

    Please note that the parking lot is for staff members ONLY! Parking by non-staff is not permitted. 

    MORNING DROP-OFF IN PARKING LOT – 7:45 am to 8:20 am

    • Please only drop off children in the designated drop-off zone.
    • Please do not hold up traffic in the parking lot or drop-off zone; if you need to stop, please exit the lot and find a legal parking space. Thank you.
    • Students may not be dropped off before 7:45 am each morning (unless registered for the OPUSD Extended Care Program).
    • Students should exit the car without the driver’s assistance.
    • Students should have lunchboxes and backpacks in hand as you enter the lot (lunches and bags/backpacks should not be kept in the trunk of the car).
    • The driver or other adult should not exit the car to assist the student/s.
    • Students must exit the car on the right side of the car ONLY.
    • Drop off at the yellow curb in the drop-off zone ONLY in the parking lot.
    • Please adhere to the directions/reinforcements given by staff members during the drop-off time. 


    *The parking lot is CLOSED after school (except on Wednesdays).

    *Please meet your children:

    • DK/Kindergarten students meet at the Kindergarten gate
    • 1st grade meets on the lawn behind the benches, out front.
    • 2nd grade meets on the lawn closest to the K yard.
    • 3rd-5th grade students meet at flagpole or other designated location determined by parent 

    Please remember to:

    • Be patient and treat everyone with respect – Use the crosswalk and respect the crossing guard!
    • Slow down—-don’t be in a hurry around the school.


    • Using a cell phone or other electronic device while driving in the school parking lot or in surrounding areas.
    • Parking or stopping for a long period of time in a red or drop-off zone.
    • Double parking or dropping off students in the street or between cars.
    • Parking in a "Handicapped" space without proper signage. 
    • Parking in a “Reserved” parking space.
    • Parking in the staff parking lot.
    • Driving in an unsafe manner (no U-turns, no speeding), no use of portable electronics.
    • Parking or driving in the fire lane.
    • Disrespect toward our staff or volunteers while going through the parking lot.
    • DO NOT exit your vehicle when dropping off your child(ren). Do not leave your car unattended.  

    Violators of these traffic safety rules will be warned and reminded by our volunteers and school personnel.  Be advised, the Highway Patrol makes unannounced checks of the area as well.


    Our school is supervised in the morning beginning at 7:45 am.  Students may not arrive at school before 7:45 am (unless registered for the OPUSD Extended Care Program). There is no supervision after school with the exception of the Tiger Cub Sibling Supervision (see below).  Parents are responsible for their children upon dismissal from school.   


    Click here for more information about the after-school Tiger Cub Sibling Supervision for 1st through 3rd grade students.