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Frequently Asked Questions / Help Desk Documents
Changing Your Password
How to change your password on a Mac. How to change your password on a PC
 Q SIS (formerly Zangle) Help Docs
2012 Opening Day VCOE Q SIS Handout
How to create a default signature in Outlook-Mac
Creating Signatures in Outlook on a PC
How to Create an e-mail signature in Outlook
How to Set Up District Exchange Mail on an iPhone
Outlook Help

Mac Help Docs
How to Use Hand-in, Hand-out & Public Folders.
What is up with all these random windows opening up when I launch an application?
Mac Basics Tutorial Videos How to compress files (.zip) on a Mac
How to add DISPLAYS to the menu bar
Switch 101- Switching From PC to Mac
How to change Firefox default home page.
How to set your macbook to not go into sleep mode.
Download YouTube Movies via Safari


Accelerated Reader Instructions

Schoolwires Help Docs

Web 2.0 Server
Click here to link to Web 2.0 Server
Click to download complete instructions on how to upload large files onto the Web2.0 server and then link the files to your Schoolwires pages.
SmartBoard Help / Tutorials
There are so many resources that we had to create a separate page for them!
Click Here to View Smart Lessons, Tutorials and Help Docs.
Creating Study Flashcards
How to Create .zip Files on a Mac
How to Create iPod/iPhone Flashcards
iPod/iPhone Flashcard Synch/View Instructions

Cal IQ ity
Teacher Reference Guide

User Manuals
Click here to see a list of owner manuals and user guides for district equipment that you may download.