The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) provides a forum in which staff, administration, and parents of Oak Park Unified School District (OPUSD) can discuss issues and recommend action regarding special educational programs and services in OPUSD in order to:
  • advise the OPUSD Board of Education regarding the present status and areas of needed improvement in special education;
  • investigate, address and propose recommendations for urgent issues that have arisen; and
  • educate and inform the public, the administration, the staff, and the Board of Education regarding the laws and best practices pertaining to special education
 SEAC Executive Officers


Connie Risley 818-585-0523


Jo Ann Tallmann

Program Committee

Julie Kerns 818-889-1037

VC SELPA Community Advisory
Committee (CAC) Representative

Julie Kerns 818-889-1037

Policy Committee

Publicity & Outreach

Darla Christensen

Immediate Concerns

Connie Risley 818-585-0523

District Program Specialist

Jennifer Golden 818-735-3208

Director of Pupil Services

Susan Roberts 818-735-3208
 Site Representatives

Oak Park Neighborhood School


Brookside Elementary

Darla Christensen 818-597-1246

Oak Hills Elementary


Red Oak Elementary


Medea Creek Middle School

Jo Ann Tallman 818-865-8564

Oak Park High School

Julie Kerns 818-889-1037