Inter-District Transfers and District of Choice

Oak Park schools are experiencing a leveling of enrollment due to the fact that the area is "built out." This has created a unique opportunity for a very limited number of students to attend our schools who do not live in Oak Park. We have been designated a "District of Choice," through the State of California which allows us to accept a limited number of students from out of the attendance area. Additionally, under new legislation, we are able to accept District of Choice students (students that apply during Open Enrollment from 11/1 - 12/31 through our lottery). If you submit an online application during our Open Enrollment period, you are NOT required to get a permit/release from your resident school district.
There are a few spaces available for the current school year in grades 3, 4 and 5 only.  Please contact Linda Gam ASAP for details on how to obtain an inter-district permit/release for the 2016/17 school year from your resident school district. 

Kindergarten & Discovery Kindergarten Age Requirements for Fall 2016 

Your student must turn 5 years old by September 1, 2016.
Discovery Kindergarten: 
Your student must turn 5 years old anytime from September 2, 2016 - December 2, 2016. If your student is admitted into our Discovery Kindergarten program, he/she will be placed in Kindergarten for Fall 2017.
Cut-off dates are firm for Kindergarten and Discovery Kindergarten based on California State Law. 

Inter-District Paper Permits

An Inter-District Paper Permit is available from January 1st until the first day of school of a given year. You will need to submit the permit to your resident district office. Once we receive the signed permit, it will be approved/denied based on credits, behavior, and whether there is space available in the grade level you are requesting.
For assistance with an inter-district transfer, Please contact Linda Gam at our
District Office. 

 District of Choice Lottery

Senate Bill 680, signed by Governor Schwarzenegger on October 11, 2009, extended the Education Code provisions authorizing a school district to become a school district of choice thereby permitting students in other districts to attend the District of Choice without residing in that district's attendance boundaries. OPUSD has been a District of Choice since 2004-05 school year.
Unlike an inter-district paper permit, district of choice is a status that is granted to a student without a release from the resident school district. District of Choice status guarantees enrollment through graduation so long as the student retains their status.
It is possible to lose your District of Choice status by moving into Oak Park and becoming a resident. Once this happens your District of Choice status is immediately revoked as you no longer qualify for the program due to your becoming a resident. If you move out of Oak Park at a later date, you will have to apply for the lottery again, or apply for an inter-district paper permit. If this is the situation, please understand that there is no guarantee that you will be offered a spot for the following school year as it is based on availability in the grade level you are requesting.
Prospective transfers can submit an online application anytime between November 1st and December 31st for the following school year. The lottery will take place in mid-January, and results will be posted in February. Each student must have their own application submitted, and only one application per student will be accepted. You will not increase your student's chances of being admitted into Oak Park by submitting multiple applications. All duplicated applications will be discarded and the application that was submitted first will be entered into the lottery.
The District of Choice Online Application will be available on this page from 11/1/16 - 12/31/16

Residency Laws 

Student(s) must be living at a residence within Oak Park for at least 5 days a week in order to be considered a resident of Oak Park.
All new residents must provide escrow papers or a lease agreement along with 2 utility bills with the new address in order to enroll in our schools.
For residents who move outside of Oak Park, you are required by law to apply for an Inter-District Paper Permit in order to continue attending Oak Park schools. Approval will be based on availability in the grade level(s) you are requesting.

Enrollment Information for Admitted Out of District Students

The enrollment process is handled through Linda Gam. Enrollment will be offered to you if we have space available in the grade level you are requesting. Details will be provided when you reach this point in the transfer process.

Resource Links 

The links listed below provide detailed information regarding policies, guidelines and procedures for OPUSD Inter-District transfers and the District of Choice Program.

  Family Lottery Numbers 2016-17 District Of Choice 

Oak Park Unified School District conducted the lottery for the District Of Choice program at the School Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. Each family who applied by December 31, 2015 has been assigned a computer generated lottery number that will determine the order in which enrollment will be offered. The list of admitted students and wait-listed students will be posted on our website on February 19, 2016. As a reminder, California State Law requires that enrollment be offered to students on the Sibling list prior to offering enrollment to students on the Non-Sibling list.


If your student applied as a District of Choice student (through the lottery), he/she will be automatically renewed to attend Oak Park Schools through senior year.
The only exception is if you become residents of Oak Park and then move out of Oak Park in the future.  If this occurs, you will need to follow the procedures of an out of district family. 

ATTENTION: Families Who Are Considering Moving Out of Oak Park

If you are an Oak Park resident and you move within another district's attendance boundaries, you will need to obtain an inter-district permit (for each student) from your new district of residence. Decisions on acceptance will be made when we are in receipt of the permit.