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Oak Park schools are experiencing a leveling of enrollment due to the fact that the area is "built out." This has created a unique opportunity for a very limited number of students to attend our schools who do not live in Oak Park. We have been designated a "District of Choice," which allows us to accept a limited number of students from out of the attendance area. Additionally, under new legislation, we are able to accept District of Choice students (students that apply during Open Enrollment from 11/1 - 12/31) and automatically renew their permits annually until graduation from high school.
 The only availability currently for the 2014-2015 school year is at Oak Park Independent Study (OPIS).  If interested in applying for OPIS for the current school year, please email OPIS Office Manager, Cristina Sanchez  csanchez@oakparkusd.org for more details about the OPIS program.
Open Enrollment is 11/1 - 12/31 each year.  Please check back with us this November or December to submit an online application for fall 2016.
*2015-16 SCHOOL YEAR*
 Lottery Numbers Are Posted On The Left Side Of This Page Under
DOC Lottery Results for 2015-16  
The updated lists of newly admitted and wait listed students will be posted on this site by the end of the day on Sunday, February 22, 2015.  An email will be sent to families of all admitted students along with details of enrollment at that time as well. The notification date was previously listed as 2/13/15 but that needed to be adjusted. In the event your student doesn't make it on the first round, the waiting list will remain in effect until 5/15/15.  It is at that time that the waiting list will become void.
  • On 1/20/15, one lottery number was randomly drawn for each family, whether you have one student or more.
  • The lottery numbers will be entered on our website on by the end of the work day on 1/21/15.  Your family name plus the first 4 digits of your street address is your family identifier.  Your randomly assigned lottery number will be positioned next to your family identifier.  
  • Families of newly admitted students will be notified by email of the next step in the process (including enrollment information) no later than the end of the day on Sunday, 2/22/15. 
Please be sure to add Linda Gam's email address to your contact list Lgam@oakparkusd.org and check your email (spam too) and our website periodically. All correspondence will be by email only.
In order to be clear on our procedures, please read ALL information (very carefully) on left side of this webpage including:
- FAQ’s
- Lottery Procedures
- Families of newly admitted students will be notified by email of the next step in the process (including enrollment information) no later than Friday, 2/13/15 at 6:00pm.
- Families of wait listed students will be notified by email of the status of their application as spots become available, no later than MAY 15, 2015.  The wait list will expire at that time.
If your student applied as a District of Choice student (through the lottery), he/she will be automatically renewed to attend Oak Park Schools through senior year.
If you are an Oak Park resident and you move to another district's attendance boundaries, you will need to obtain an inter-district permit (for each student) from your new district of residence. An additional permit is required (for each student) for the subsequent school year. For the subsequent school year, a spot will be given only if there is space available in the grade level you are requesting. Decisions will be made by late spring just prior to the start of the subsequent school year.

For assistance with an inter-district transfer, Please contact Linda Gam  at our District Office.

                    Click here to view or download OPUSD brochure