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    How to Raise Reader
    Some Thoughts on Reading

    (Taken from a “Parent Reading Guide”

    published by the Los Angeles Times Reading by 9)

    •          If you want your child to be a reader, fill your house with lots of children’s books.  Establish good reading habits by making time for reading.  Some families have a reading half-hour every day when the TV is shut off and everyone reads, even the parents.  Nothing is as powerful as your example as a reader, showing your child that you enjoy a good book. 
    •         Make sure your children have library cards.  Teach your children to be at home in the public library.
    •         Take books wherever you go:  in the car, on the plane, to the doctor, to the store, anywhere.
    •         Don’t let your children watch TV unless they have read something that day.
    •        Don’t leave reading to the schools.  Children who read outside of school are far more likely to succeed than those who don’t.
    •         Dealing with reluctant readers?  You can pull from a wealth of non-traditional reading material to capture children’s attention- such as magazines that highlight your child’s interests, comic books and special interest internet sites.   Movies can lead kids to books.  Many non-readers have raced through the popular Harry Potter books.
    •         Keep books, magazines and newspapers around the house.  This creates a reading environment.
    •         Parents and caregivers can make a significant difference in their children’s reading achievement by reading to them daily (even after they learn to read for themselves).  By hearing books and stories read aloud, children build their vocabulary, develop knowledge about a variety of subjects and experience reading as a pleasurable activity.

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