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    General Help


    Language Arts
    • BlackDog Word Games- word searches, jumbles, anagrams, crosswords, "Hangman".... even "Pig Latin" games!  Very, very cool!
    • BookAdventure - read books & earn free stuff! (SO fun!)
    • FunBrain.com- spelling & grammar games & quizzes
    • Eduplace.com- play "Mad Lib" and "Balderdash" games.  Read kids' reviews of good books... even write your own & maybe see it online!  (grades 2 & up)
    • Trelease-On-Reading  - A wonderful resource by noted expert Jim Trelease for parents & teachers describing children's books by content at all reading levels.  Especially geared for encouraging families to read aloud together!  Highly recommended!
    • Merriam-Webster Online- dictionary help
    • Lexile Framework- Interested in learning more about the "lexile" score you receive from the SRI computer test in school?  Want to find the "lexile" level for a book you're reading?  Go here...


    • GoMath -  Login for the students GoMath Content and assignments
    • Houghton Mifflin - math series for grades K-2.  This site contains test practice & challenge games for kids, and tips for parents.
    • McGraw-Hill- math series for grades 3-5.  Includes games & worksheets specific to each chapter.  Also has timed math fact drills & links to more fun math sites.  
    • FunBrain.com - math fact games & quizzes... Try "Math Brain."  Enter in your grade level to play "arcade games."  SOOOO fun! 
    • AAA Math- explanations and games at all grade levels.
    • A+ Math- math fact flashcards, games, worksheets, etc. at all grade levels.


    • Space Place - check out this site from NASA and JPL and learn all about different space topics, make some spacey things, solve an extraterrestrial riddle, and dive below the surface of Mars!
    • SanDiegoZoo.org - Watch the brand new baby elephant, pandas, apes and polar bears LIVE on the zoo's web site!
    • Einstein- Person of the Century
    • Harcourt Brace/ Smithsonian- Put in your grade level to see Smithsonian Museum projects & experiments that match the topics you're learning about in science.
    • USA Today Weather- get today's weather all over the US.  Also includes interesting weather trivia and information.
    • Jet Propulsion Laboratory- another kid site sponsored by NASA with different info, games & facts
    • The Royal Observatory Greenwich- more "grown up" type info on astronomy
    • Project GLOBE- worldwide site for kids & teachers with projects on conservation & making the world a better place
    • StarChild- kid site by NASA about astronomy
    • Enchanted Learning- kids site about anything from dinosaurs to animals to nursery rhymes (even includes preschool-Kindergarten games!)
    • Chem4kids- fun site to explore everything from molecules to experiments
    • Bill Nye- site based on the TV show includes "Questions of the Week" & lots of experiments to do at home!
    • Rocks and Minerals- Rocks and Minerals Scavenger Hunt
    • Rocks and Minerals- Rocks and Minerals Slide Show
    • Rocks and Minerals- Rock Hounds

    2nd Grade Sites for Birthstone Project:

    Social Studies

    Physical Education & Health

    • Dole 5 A Day - a fun site teaching kids (and parents) about nutrition using games and stories.

    Curriculum Information for Grown Ups:

    • Houghton Mifflin - language arts series for all grades; math for grades K-2.  Look for "Kids' Place" and "Parents' Place"
    • Harcourt Brace - social studies, science series for all grades
    • McGraw-Hill - math series for grades 3-5. 


Last Modified on August 22, 2017