Red Oak Elementary enjoys strong parent participation. It's no surprise then, that student involvement is also strong!
    The Student Council is a mini school government.  Different jobs with different privileges and responsibilities are available to students as they progress through grades. 
    To participate, students must be elected.  Only third, fourth and fifth graders may run for Council positions. Third graders are only eligible to run for Class Representative positions. There are two representatives from each third, fourth, and fifth grade class.  

    Fourth graders may also run to be a representative.  However, they are also given the opportunity to run for three of the five officer jobs (Treasurer, Publicist and Recording Secretary).  To be elected, you must write a speech, and then read it in front of the Class Representatives that have just been elected.  A vote is then taken.  

    Fifth graders may run for any position: Class Representative, Treasurer, Publicist, Secretary, President or Vice President.  Students may not run for more than one office.  

    Job Descriptions

    Class Representatives
    Attend all meetings and listen for important dates and events. Take notes and report to a lower grade class and their own class about what is happening.  Representatives are also assigned to run Spirit Assemblies when it is their group's turn.  
    Responsible for handling all money and counting it.  The Treasurer must also enter the spirit count percentages into the computer. 
    Make posters and publicize various events. Responsible for designing and handling the Student Suggestion Box. 
    Recording Secretary
    Take all of the notes and get information during monthly meetings.  They must also fill in for the Vice President if he/she is absent.  
    Vice President
    Assist the President in conducting meetings and flag salute. Fill in for the President if he/she is not available.  The Vice President also runs the Ballroom.  
    Conduct Student Council meetings and lead the morning flag salute during class line-up.  This involves choosing two students from a certain class to hold the flag and making school announcements in the loudspeaker.