• Fifth Grade
    Newbery Gold Medal
    Reading Challenge
    Newbery Reading Contest
    Each spring the fifth grade students are invited
    to participate in the library sponsored 
    Newbery Gold Medal Reading Challenge.
     The Challenge is a 6 week reading contest that 
    encourages the 5th graders to read
     Newbery gold medal books.
    What is a Newbery,
    and why read Newbery gold medal books?
    The Newbery gold medal has been given to one
    children's book each year since 1922.
    It was the first children's book award in the world
    and is still considered the most prestigious award
    in children's literature. 

    The book that receives it is considered the best-written
    children's book of that year.


    So when our 5th graders participate in the
    they are reading the best of the best.
    The students have a choice of 95 different books to read
    The books cover various genres and types,
    from historical fiction
    and fantasy,
    to biographies, poetry and short stories,
    to name a few.
    There are both short books and long books.
     So there is something for everyone's reading tastes
    during the Challenge.
    The library has copies of all of the Newbery gold medal books,
     even those few that are currently out of print. 
     There are class participation awards,
    as well as individual participation awards.
    It's amazing to see all of the great books read during
    each year's Challenge.

    In 2015, a total of 904 books were read
    by all of the 5th graders.
    I wonder how many will be read this year...

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    Real Guys Read! 
     For a listing of all the Newbery gold medal books,
    click on the link below.