•  The Learning Center

    Here at Red Oak, our Learning Center is designed to improve reading and comprehension skills in grades 1-5.  We utilize three specialized programs which include: Fundations for beginning reading, Read Naturally for reading fluency, and Scholastic Reading Skills for reading comprehension. Individualized and small group instruction, enhanced by our team of nurturing teachers, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Christensen, and Mrs. Williams, enables readers to grow more and more confident as they experience reading success.

    If you have any questions or would like more information about The Learning Center feel free to email us at JYoung@oakparkusd.org

    1st Grade Reading Program

    The 1st grade reading program is called Fundations by the Wilson Language Training Company.  The Fundations program provides children with a strong foundation for reading and spelling.  It is a structured, step-by-step phonics and spelling program.  The program begins with sound mastery and letter formation. It uses multi-sensory teaching techniques for students with varied learning styles.  The program is for a maximum of ten students at a time in thirty minute sessions. 

    The Fundations program presents skills in a carefully structured way.  Each level continually builds on previously taught skills which are then strengthened from unit to unit.

    The skills included are:

    ▪ sound mastery
    ▪ letter formation
    ▪ phonics
    ▪ vocabulary
    ▪ irregular (trick) word instruction
    ▪ comprehension
    ▪ fluency
    ▪ written composition

    During the second half of the year, students move on to our Read Naturally Program where they progress at their own pace.  

    For more information about the program, visit www.wilsonlanguage.com.

    Fluency Program
    Read Naturally

    Read Naturally is a supplemental reading program designed to enable students to improve reading fluency. 

    Students who read fluently read smoothly and easily, without pausing to figure out words. These students identify words automatically.  As a result, they can focus on meaning rather than word recognition when they read. As a rule, fluent readers comprehend better than non-fluent readers.  Consequently, improving reading fluency is important for developing readers. 

    Read Naturally is a research-based program that enables students to become fluent readers.  It has three components: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. 

    While working with the Read Naturally program, students work independently, and select interesting, non-fiction passages at reading levels best suited for their development.  They will read the passage while listening to it on tape,  and then practice the passage several times until able to read it at a goal rate. In addition, they answer comprehension questions and write a paragraph summarizing the passage. Students’ progress is monitored daily by our Learning Center teachers. When they become fluent at grade level, students graduate from the program.

    To find out more about the program visit www.readnaturally.com.

    Comprehension Program
    Scholastic Reading Skills Kit

    The Scholastic Reading Skills Kit is a flexible program that builds vital language arts, vocabulary, and comprehension skills with high-interest selections and exercises. As students read about interesting, relevant topics, they practice key comprehension strategies and decoding skills.

    Students work independently for a half-hour each day, choosing stories from Reading Skills Cards.  Reading Skills Cards are written at three levels: low, average, and high, with ten cards at each level. After students complete all three levels, they graduate from the program. Each student receives individualized assistance in areas in which they are having difficulty.
    The Scholastic Reading Skills Program:

    ▪ Motivates students to improve reading comprehension as they work at their own pace and chart their own progress

    ▪ Engages students with selections in history, science, technology, geography, arts and entertainment, and sports and games

    ▪ Boosts test scores with test-taking strategies and skills reinforcement

    With the Scholastic Reading Skills Program, students enjoy reading while reinforcing   necessary skills, all in a flexible format that lets readers go at their own pace, chart their own progress, and grow more and more confident as they experience reading success.