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    Welcome to Oak View High School

    Welcome to Oak View High School !  We offer an alternative education for high school students in grades 10-12.  Oak View has three classrooms, an administrative and counseling building and athletic fields adjacent to our bungalows.  Most students enroll to catch up on credits and to have a smaller, more personalized high school experience.  Oak View is fully accredited (licensed) and is distinguished as a model continuation high school. 

    Our school has 3 experienced and dedicated teachers, a principal, a counselor and an office manager.  The dedication and commitment of our teachers and staff makes Oak View a special place for students to become very successful.  We strive to reignite a love for learning within each student.  We work very hard to build a sense of “school family,” as students demonstrate care and respect for one another. Oak View is known for maintaining high expectations and clear goals and objectives for students in a supportive environment.  Problems normally associated with high school settings can largely be avoided. At Oak View High, one will find positive conflict resolution, appropriate behavior and language, a strong work ethic, a unified and knowledgeable staff, close relationships with and among students, and a positive, safe and healthy environment.

    Our teachers are designated as 21st Century instructors, with expertise in bringing cutting edge technology in to the learning experience.  Our school counselor provides expert support for personal, social and career/college planning issues.  Our computer-based Naviance career/college program allows students to understand themselves better and to identify their learning profiles and how to plan for the next steps after high school.  Individualized and small-group counseling is available each day.

    Feel free to contact us at any time for information on how you can Register for Oak View High School. 

    Please take the time to learn more about our school program at Program Features


    Stew McGugan

    Mission Statement

    Oak View High School, in partnership with home, community, business, and higher education, offers an alternative educational experience where students are the first priority. Our students are encouraged to reach their full potentials in a personalized and caring instructional environment. Our program provides students with the skills, knowledge, insight and character building experiences which are necessary to make the successful transition from school to productive careers and rewarding lives.

Last Modified on May 26, 2015