• Oak View High School’s Mission Statement


    Oak View High School, in partnership with home, community, business, and higher education, offers an alternative educational experience where students are the first priority.  Our students are encouraged to reach their full potentials in a safe, personalized, caring, instructional environment.  Our program provides the skills, knowledge, insight, and character building experiences, which are necessary to make the successful transition from school to productive careers, to become global citizens, and have regarding lives. We are implementing the new California State Standards and preparing students for college and careers though study and career related experiences.   We ensure our mission through our Global Learning Goals which include the use of current technology, and the development of appropriate social skills through caring, compassionate interactions by all stakeholders.



    Global Learning Goals:  To Prepare Students for College and Career


    1.   Effective Communicators who:

    1. Read, understand and interpret a variety of works including fiction and nonfiction, as measured by progress on standards-based coursework.
    2. Express ideas clearly through high quality written, oral and multi-media presentations individually and in collaborative groups.
    3. Write effectively for self-expression, persuasion, information and research as measured by essays and power point presentations.
    4. Demonstrate these communication skills as they will be applicable in college, career, and work transitions.


    2.   Self-directed Learners and Individuals who:         

    1. Effectively plan and allocate time and resources to complete a project with a long-term deadline.
    2. Access a variety of information resources, evaluate the appropriateness and validity of the information, and synthesize the information into original authorship.
    3. Select appropriate technology and effectively integrate it into a variety of assignments/projects across the curriculum.
    4. Exhibit growth, reflection, and self-evaluation as measured by class rubrics.
    5. Demonstrate effective independent problem solving using critical thinking skills


    3.   Creative, Critical Thinkers who:       

    1. Organize and process symbols, pictures, graphs, and other information across the content areas.
    2. Reach solutions by selecting and using appropriate problem solving techniques individually and collaboratively.
    3. Optimize learning, by acquiring and applying knowledge of personal learning style.


    4.   Healthy Productive Citizens who:

    1. Participate in activities that improve personal wellness and physical fitness as measured by counseling group enrollment, P.E activities, and electives.
    2. Contribute to community well-being and civic affairs as measured by community service elective credit earned.
    3. Explore and develop a personal academic and career plan in preparation for the future through such experiences as career education and school counseling and measured by knowledge of personal transcript.
    4. Engage in good citizenship actions as measured by such awards as the Triple A Award, Step-up In Character Award, and through public recognition.
    5. Work toward managing stress and living mindful lives through thoughtful, meditative practices.
Last Modified on March 2, 2016