Oak View High School focuses on the whole student.  We provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum in preparation for career and college, while also treating each student as an individual with particular needs, challenges, gifts, and interests.  We do this within an inclusive and empowering community of care.


    Oak View High School is committed to creating a respectful, tolerant, and academically challenging environment to educate our diverse student population. We provide students with the strong scholastic and social-emotional foundation necessary to reach their full potential as compassionate, self-confident, and qualified global citizens. We use alternative approaches to build positive character traits, inclusive collaboration, community service opportunities, and effective analytical skills across academic disciplines.

    OVHS Goals:

    1.  Strengthen our students' high academic achievement in a Climate of Care by developing and promoting the factors that distinguish Oak View High School's mode of educating the whole child.

    2.  Engage all stakeholders more deeply in shared-decision making and improved communication with the school community.

    3. Create partnerships between staff and students to evolve social emotional learning, diversity and equity practices, and provide a safe campus environment.

    4.  Deepen student learning through Nature-based Experiences and Environment Stewardship in all areas of the instructional program and foster creativity, play, experiential, and inquiry-based learning.

Last Modified on December 6, 2022