Oak View graduates fulfill the same rigorous graduation requirements as graduates of the comprehensive high school in the Oak Park Unified School District. Each student must complete 230 credits, which include credits in the following content areas:

    40 Credits
    Mathematics 30 Credits
    Life Science 10 Credits
    Physical Science
    10 Credits
    5 Credits
    5 Credits
    World History
    10 Credits
    U.S. History
    10 Credits
    U.S. Government
    5 Credits
    5 Credits
    Visual & Performing Arts
    10 Credits
    Practical Skills
    5 Credits
    Physical Education
    20 Credits
    Computer Applications
    5 Credits
    5 Credits
    Community Service
    1 Credits
    General Electives
    54 Credits

    All students at Oak View have an opportunity to complete all graduation requirements by:

    • Attending classes on campus

    OR, after 1:40 PM

    • Directed study
    • Adult school
    • VCI Classes
    • Community college
    • Work experience

    SENIORS, and possibly Juniors, needing three or less courses must maintain the required on-campus enrollment of 180 minutes, which is three class periods. Even though a student may not need some of these credits, the student is required to attend the minimum of three class periods. Please note: It is acceptable and routine, for students to graduate with more than the required 230 credits.

    Seniors who have completed all courses offered on campus, yet have not completed all requirements, may be considered for approval of a directed study contract to finish coursework at home.  Seniors must enroll in a course on campus, if it is offered on campus.

    A maximum of 10 PE credits can be applied towards General Elective credit.  (15 hours = one credit)  PE hours are verified on the Class or Activity Verification sheet and must be supervised by an instructor, coach or parent.

    A maximum of 40 credits of Work Experience can be applied toward Graduation Requirement (maximum of 10 credits of work experience per quarter) Students earn one credit of Work Experience for every 20 hours worked, as verified by pay stubs.

Last Modified on February 23, 2018