Maureen Frey Maureen started at Oak Hills in January of 2012 as office manager.  Maureen's 3 children attended OHES. During those years, she volunteered in the classrooms and served on the PTA Board.  Maureen has lived in Oak Park since 1990.
    Office Manager
    Linda Friedricks Linda has been working for OPUSD for over 20 years.  Mostly at Oak Hills but spent a couple years at Medea Creek Middle School as the Health Technician.  Linda has a medical background and assists in the Health office quite often.  Linda’s daughter attended OHES and is now a young newlywed.
    Student Services
    Laura Rosen Laura has been with Oak Hills since fall of 2018.  Laura's 3 children attended OHES.  She was a classroom vlounteer and served on the PTA Board. She has lived in Oak Park over 20 years.
    Student Services
    Meredith Glickman Meredith started in the fall of this 2013.  She comes to us with an impressive medical backround.  Meredith has 3 children that all attended OHES. She spent several years volunteering in classrooms and served on the PTA Board.  She has lived in the area for over 15 years. 
    Health Technician