• Supplies and Materials Donation Program 2012 - 2013
    As a public school we are required by law to provide supplies free of charge to students. Last year the cost to us was well over $30,000. Supplies included but were not limited to pencils, writing paper, pens, construction paper, crayons, paper, notebooks, folders, copy paper, laminate and copying costs. The costs of paper and copying alone at our school is a major expense even with our new “paperless” policy. Last year parent contributions saved us over $26,000 on these expenses and allowed us to use our limited funds from the state on other important materials, science supplies, new books, etc…
    We are asking you to donate $75 per child for a supply and materials fee to help us provide classrooms with all the necessary materials needed for a quality instructional programs.
    Other schools in the neighborhood provide a long list of items, at your expense, for you to bring to school. Our program provides all educational materials children will need in class and provides the same items to all children. It also saves you the trip or even multiple trips to the store.
    Please also be aware that throughout the year your teachers may request items such as Kleenex, paper towels or cleaning supplies.
    Please make your check payable to the "Oak Hills PTA".

    In our budgeting we very much rely on the collection of this donation for all of the children.
    THANK YOU for helping make Oak Hills a wonderful environment for your children to learn! Your generous support is greatly appreciated.
    By law, any funds requested from parents by the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), Friends of Oak Park Schools, or by OPUSD
    are considered a donation and are not required.