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    I have never home schooled before. Is it difficult?
    First, we use the term "home schooling" for our K-5 students.  Parent(s) for these students do implement the curriculum at home. Students in grades 6-12 are termed "independent study students."  These students work more on their own with the typical guidance and support for any student. New homeschooling parents will have the support and guidance from our professional staff. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and benefit from the home schooling experience without the expense of tuition-based schools.
    How does the program work?
    The student is supplied with curricula to support the courses they take with us and completes all assignments on their own. The student meets with a credentialed teacher for approximately one hour per week at their appointed time. The teacher reviews, collects, corrects, and grades all of their work. The student and their teacher regularly discuss any questions, problem areas, and goals. At each meeting the student and teacher create the student's new schedule of work to complete by their next scheduled meeting. Eventually each student receives challenging assignments tailored to his or her learning styles.
    Who qualifies for the program?
    Students from a wide range of backgrounds and lifestyles are successful in OPIS. They include, but are not limited to, the child next door, athletes, and artists, dancers, singers, scholars.  Many of our greatest success stories reflect a student who is motivated to go out in the world, discover a passion, and pursue it. The main requirement is that the student possess the ability to complete tasks independently (especially in the upper grades), complete all the assigned work and attend each scheduled meeting.
    How do I transfer into OPIS?
    Parents with students in the Oak Park Unified School District can begin by contacting your school counselor.  It is common to have a Student Study Team(SST) meeting to discuss the transfer request and to determine the potential for success in independent study. 

    Parents with students in outside school districts can also begin by contacting our office.  An additional permit procedure is required.  We will provide the information and the contact person for you.

    Do you accept students from out of district?
    Yes, we accept out of district students.  Click here for more information.

    Do you accept special education students?
    We accept Special Education students from within district. It's necessary to have an IEP meeting to discuss change of placement and determine whether OPIS is an appropriate placement to meet learning goals and for providing any required services for each individual student.

    Are there any "classes" available for my child?
    There is an optional academic lab for all students, writing workshops for elementary and middle school students and enrichment classes for elementary students.  Students who have not met the content standards are expected to attend the academic lab to get extra help.

    Does OPIS provide any other enrichment activities?
    Yes. There are monthly field trips in addition to enrichment activities and community service projects.

    Can my child participate in any way at Oak Park High School?
    Yes, there are many ways an OPIS student can participate at OPHS. OPIS students need to understand that they represent OPIS and must follow OPHS rules when on their campus, always being respectful and courteous when attending classes or extracurricular events. If not then this privilege may be taken away from them.

    Guidelines for Participation at Oak Park High School

    • OPIS students are welcome as spectators at all extra curricular OPHS sporting and special events open to the general public.
    • OPIS students are welcome to attend the College Fair and College Knowledge Nights sponsored by Calabasas, Agoura and Oak Park high schools.
    • OPIS students are welcome to purchase tickets and attend OPHS school dances and ASB sponsored school-wide events if tickets are available.
    • OPIS Seniors may attend the OPHS Senior Retreats if space is available.
    • OPIS Seniors may attend the Senior College Advisement information session held in the Pavillion by OPHS counselor in the fall.
    • OPIS graduates may attend the OPHS graduation ceremony receiving an OPIS graduation certificate.
    • OPIS students may attend the parent-sponsored OPHS Grad Nite following graduation.
    • OPIS students may not participate in the OPHS planned senior activities during "Senior Week" (Career Info Session, Beach Day, Senior Picnic etc.)

    The following extra or co-curricular participation requires that OPIS students be concurrently enrolled in an OPHS course on the OPHS campus during the semester and quarter of participation.

    • OPIS students may participate in the OPHS planned senior activities during "Senior Week" (Career Info Session, Beach Day, Senior Picnic, etc.).
    • Participation on an athletic or sports team, cheerleading, club membership, performing arts productions including dance team, drama, and choral or instrumental music.
    • Yearbook (or inclusion in Yearbook), newspaper, literary arts magazine, fine arts shows and competitions.
    How Much Does It Cost?
    Nothing. If you decide to use other curricula, whether on your own or if you take an external course (any course not monitored by OPIS), you are responsible for its cost to enroll and/or purchase materials and are responsible to communicate with your teacher to coordinate covering all state standards for that particular course.
    Do the teachers hold valid credentials?
    Yes, all of our teachers are highly qualified. Click here to learn more about our staff.

    Can we choose our teacher?
    Parent input is always welcomed. The student is assigned to an appropriate teacher by the OPIS team.

    Is the program accredited?
    Yes, the program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are awarded a six-year term, meaning our school is judged to be an exceptional educational program.