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Kids World Family Entertainment Center 
618 Lindero Canyon Rd Ste A, Oak Park, CA 91377  
Wednesday, May 11th from 12:15pm-9:00pm. 
Bring your family and friends to Kids World and 15% of sales will go back to our school!
 Questions? email redoakpfa@gmail.com
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School Supplies

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    Each year all students need to be restocked with a variety of individual school supplies as well as shared classroom supplies that are not provided by our school district. In order to provide the high quality of education that we have all come to expect here at Red Oak Elementary, we need you to do your part in fully participating in this program.  Please read the following carefully.

    Our Teachers and School Administrators work very hard to determine in advance what the needs at each grade level will be for the entire school year.  In order to best meet these needs and to help you understand your responsibility in meeting these needs, the program has been divided into two parts.  It is important that you contribute to both parts for each of your students attending Red Oak.

     1. Individual Consumable Supplies -https://www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com/ (order NOW! Closing May 31st)

     These supplies include items such as pencils, crayons and markers.  Scroll down to see a complete list for your grade level.  These supplies are to be delivered to your student’s classroom in a bag/container marked with your student’s name on the first day of school.  Do not mark the individual items.  Please note that our teachers are very experienced in which brands are the most effective- do not make substitutions.  All students will be expected to provide these supplies. https://www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com/

    2. Shared Classroom Supplies - $50 Donation

     This shared classroom supplies includes such items as:

    • Copy Paper, Color Paper
    • Ink for Classroom Printers
    • Homework Folders, Pocket Folders
    • Poster Boards, Cardstock
    • Paper Towels,  Facial Tissues
    • Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap

    Most of these items are less expensive when purchased in bulk.  Some are difficult to transport and some are too difficult to equitably request from each parent. Also, storage space in the classroom is limited and it is difficult and time consuming to collect and store a year’s worth of supplies during the first days of school.  Your $50 contribution will allow the school to purchase these items in the most efficient way and deliver the items to the classrooms on an as needed basis. You can pay online at https://redoakpfa.membershiptoolkit.com/form/m/16847

     Your $50 Contribution would pay for:

     General Shared Classroom Supplies 

    • Copy Paper
    • Quart Baggies
    • Ink for Printers
    • Gallon Baggies
    • Liquid Hand Soap
    • Sandwich Baggies
    • Hand Sanitizer (7 oz. or larger)
    • Paper Towel Roll
    • "Green" Antibacterial Wipes
    • Facial Tissues Baby Wipes

    Lower Grades Shared Classroom Supplies / Upper Grades Shared Classroom Supplies 

    • Home School Folders
    • Assorted Poster Board
    • White Cardstock
    • Primary Composition Book
    • Three Prong and Pocket Folders
    • File Folders Labels
    • Foam Boards
    • Student Assignment Planners
    • Colored Cardstock

    Any request for supplies or donations toward the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, field trips, programs, etc. is completely voluntary under the law in California public schools. Students may not be charged for participation in educational activities and may not be discriminated against or denied participation for not providing voluntary donations to the school.  Should any student or parent believe they were impermissibly charged a fee or required to provide materials or supplies that they would not have otherwise voluntarily paid or provided, an application for reimbursement may be filed with the District by calling (818) 735-3206.

    • Please bring all supplies to the classroom on the first day of school in bag(s) labeled with your child’s name for accurate inventory purposes. Do not label the individual items.
    • Our teachers are very experienced with what types, quantities and brands of products work best within their classrooms.  
    • Please do not substitute items. Your teacher may request additional items and/or donations once school has started.  





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    To Register or Donate: www.redoakelem.org
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