(ASB) Associated Student Body

    Oak Park High School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities. Every student, by the virtue of their enrollment, is a member of the ASB (Associated Student Body).
    The ASB Officers/Student Council serves as the voice of the students in all major school affairs and acts as the liaison between students and the administration.
    The Student Council meets as a class with the ASB advisor to organize school activities.
    The list on the left names the officers for the current school year of 2018-2019
     ASB Activity Cards
    asb card
    Each student enrolled at OPHS is issued a photo I.D. Card in the fall. Replacement cards cost $5.00 each. I.D. cards should be carried by students at all times while on campus.
    The I.D. card will be required when checking out textbooks and conducting all financial transactions with the student store.
    Students may also purchase an ASB Activity Sticker for $75, both to support ASB activities and athletics and to be entitled to free admission to all home athletic events and discounts on school activities and dances. 
    It is recommended that students be an ASB cardholder to participate in the following: ASB and Class Officers, Athletic Teams including Cheer and Dance.
     ASB Director, Ms. Heidi Cissell:
    1-818-735-3300 Ext. 345

    ASB Cabinet 2018-19

    President  -  Danielle Gould

    Vice President  -  Cade Creason

    Secretary  -  Beck Schlatter

    Treasurer  -  Johnny Neville

    School Board  -  Representative Gavin Cornick

    Municipal Advisory Council Rep.  -  Hannah Gates

    ASB Officers 2018-19



    PFC Representative  -  Max Freeman 

    CLUB COMMISSIONERS - Ashley Pernin (11), Marley Volk (11)

    MARQUEE  -  Ethan Kastenberg (11)

    TECH COMMISSIONER  -  David Shiang (10, Quinn Matulis (12)

    SOS COMMISSIONER  -  Cole McCreary (12)

    SPIRIT/SOC MEDIA  - Lizzy Glucroft(12), Carolyn Quandt(12)

    SPORTS - Michael Holcomb (11), Jackson Finch (10)

    VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS - Johnny Neville (11)

    BLOOD DRIVE - Lindsay Belichesky (12), Anna Sindalovsky (11)