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     All forms and documents are in PDF Format
    Below is a list of school forms that you can download and a brief description of each form so that you will know what form to use and when.

    CLUB ADMINISTRATION FORMS (rev 6. 2. 2016)

    Below is a list of school forms and a brief description of each form so that you will know what form to use when. These forms can be downloaded under the SERVICES section on our website (**) or under “Activities/Clubs/Administration Forms or through Mrs. Debbie Rauch, in the front office. 


    This form needs to be filled out whenever you are planning to use any space on of off campus to hold an activity. If you would like to request the use of the Pavilion, Gym, Stadium, G9 Lecture Hall or any other room on campus or outside of campus, such as the Lunch Quad are, etc., this form will need to be filled-out and turned in to Mrs. Geri Sterling in the student store/athletic office, for processing and for approval. Please check the school calendar (on the school webpage) to see if the date that you are requesting is available. (Found on the OPHS Website under Services).


    This form almost always needs to accompany the Activity Request Form. It clearly states what you will need in the way of set-up and physical assistance of personnel and equipment. It includes a pay scale of for Supervision, and for Tech support and $35.00/hr for Custodial Assistance, per person. This form should be attached to the Activity Request Form and also turned in to Mrs. Geri Sterling in the student store/athletic office for processing and for approval. (Found on the OPHS Website under “Activities/Clubs/Administration)

    **FUNDRAISING FORM: (Found on the OPHS Website under Services)

    If your activity listed above on your "Activity Request Form" is a fundraiser, you will also need to fill out and attach the FUNDRAISING FORM.


    If for your event, you need a cash box, assuming that you have previously established an account with Mrs. Iwanoff at the Oak Park High School Student Store, you will need to email Mrs. Sandy Iwanoff or speak to her at the Student Store, in order to secure a cash box for your event. At the conclusion of the event, you will need to fill out the Coin & Currency Count Report.  All monies need to be counted. You also need to make sure and give the monies and cash box to a responsible adult to promptly turn in all monies and the cash box(s) to Mrs. Iwanoff. Mrs. Iwanoff requests at least one week notice for cash box set up. (Found on the OPHS website under “Activities/Clubs/Administration)



    These forms need to be filled out when you are planning a trip OUTSIDE of campus grounds, whether a day trip or overnight trip.


    1. Field Trip Request Form – (See Mrs. Debbie Rauch in the front office, for this form)


    2. Field Trip Planning Guide (the order of what needs to be done for day/overnight trips) – (See Mrs. Sterling in the Student Store/Athletic Office for this form)


    3. Transportation Request Form (If you require the usage of one of the school vans or wish to secure a bus for transportation)

          a. We have 4 school vans, each one will approximately hold a total of 9 people (including the driver). After each event, the gas tank

              will need to be filled and your club will be billed for the expenses. You must line up a responsible adult to pick up the keys from

              Mrs. Geri Sterling in the student store / athletic office, the day before your event and before school ends that day (3:15 p.m.) All

              Drivers must complete the district driver’s form. (Listed below or see Mrs. Sterling in the Student Store/Athletic Office for a form)

          b. If you need to secure a bus, please check with Ms. Geri Sterling on how large of a bus you will need and what the approximate

              cost will be, because your club will get charged for these expenses.


     4. Field Trip Authorization and Release Form. (See Mrs. Debbie Rauch or Mrs. Sterling for this form)

         This form must firstly be filled out by the club advisor and must be signed by the principal. Copies should then be made for each

         student who will be attending this trip. The form must be signed by their parent AND teachers, IF students will be missing class time.

         A set of all of the Authorization Forms from all students (filled out and signed by teacher/parent/principal, must then be given to


          a. Ms. Debbie Rauch in the Attendance Office prior to your trip.

          b. Each driver in charge of driving for your event or a responsible adult chaperone, in the event that you have secured a bus driver

              for transportation.

    SCHOOL DRIVER CERTIFICATION FORM: (Found on the OPHS Website under “Activities/Clubs/Administration”

    VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ADULT/PARENT DRIVER, DRIVE THE SCHOOL VAN OR THEIR OWN VEHICLE, HE/SHE MUST FILL OUT THE SCHOOL DRIVER CERTIFICATION FORM, which must have attached: (1) a Xeroxed copy of their driver's license, (2)  a copy of their Insurance policy  (3)  the declaration page showing the dollar amounts and dates of coverage, attached to the School Driver Certification Form. This form must be turned in to Ms. Geri Sterling BEFORE your event. They MUST also initial the bottom of the “PERSONAL VEHICLE USE INSTRUCTIONS” form attached to the “SCHOOL DRIVER CERTIFICATION FORM.”

    **TECHNOLOGY REQUEST FORM: This form must be completed and submitted if you require any technology for your event.  This includes Audio/Visual services and equipment including microphones, computers, projection etc.  Depending on what is requested, a tech aide might be assigned at $10/hr. to service your event.  Before completing this form, you must have completed the Event Planning Guide and have received a confirmation number.  You can find this form on the OPHS Website under "Services."



    According to school law, when students are on a Field Trip of any kind, at least one adult must be certified in CPR and Standard First Aid.  Another important note is that the Club Advisor and .NY Parent Chaperone going on an overnight field trip with students needs to be fingerprinted and TB tested.  Ragini Aggarwal handles that at the district office and Ms. Eleanor Moradi in the OPHS front office has the forms needed to have the DOG/FBI Fingerprinting & TB for volunteers.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE FINGERPRINTING AT TIMES TAKES A FEW WEEKS TO GET APPROVED.