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    Who Are We  

    The Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is a volunteer group of parents and faculty who work together to assist the school administration by organizing events and providing financial funding for activities that best benefit the students and faculty of Medea Creek Middle School (MCMS).  Money raised through PFA membership and our annual No Frills fundraiser goes directly to enriching the educational experience of all students. 

    Last year's donations provided support throughout the school for every department.  The PFA purchased robotics kits, science equipment, tables and chairs, as well as classroom teaching material for every subject. Your financial support allows the Homework Club as well as all other student clubs to thrive. The PFA also supports the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program and helps host school-wide assemblies that every student takes part in. Your monetary donation to the PFA (through membership dues and donations to the No Frills campaign) as well as your contribution of time are critical for a successful year.  We welcome everyone’s involvement and encourage you to learn more about MCMS and the ways in which you can contribute to our students’ success. 

    For more information, please contact mcmspfapresident@gmail.com.

    How to Join and Support the PFA

    PFA Membership is open to all MCMS parents, legal guardians, faculty, and community members. Annual membership is $25 per family, and every paid household has a voting voice at PFA meetings. Being a PFA Member shows your support for our school community yet comes with no obligations. PFA members will be given viewing rights to our online and mobile app directory that includes contact information for families who choose to be included.

    Please support the PFA by participating in our No Frills fundraiser. No Frills is our one and only PFA fundraiser. Your contribution will make a difference! The MCMS PFA raises funds to provide educational programs, materials, and beneficial services for the school and students. We ask for your donation of $250. Donations are welcome year-round, and any amount is appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible and may qualify for Corporate Matching Funds. The MCMS PFA Tax ID # is 90-0597255.

    To join the PFA and make donations, please click the link below to access our My School Anywhere system online. After confirmation of your family’s information, you will be automatically taken to our store. Thank you for your support!


    If you have already confirmed your family’s information for the 2018-2019 school year please click the link below to login directly to My School Anywhere.


    For questions about membership or donations, please contact mcmsnofrills@gmail.com.

    Please consider signing up to volunteer your time. We have something for everyone and we would love your help. Please click the link below to sign up or contact mcmspfavolunteers@gmail.com with any questions.

    MCMS Volunteer Opportunities