• Accelerated Reader (AR)
    Current Quarter 1 due dates: 
    AR Form and Book check = September 6, 2013 
    AR Test Deadline date = October 25, 2013

    Check if your book is on the AR list and how many points it is worth. 
    Updated AR List

    Want to read a book NOT on the AR list?
    1. Contact Ms. Paniz in the library to request having the book added to the list.
    There are certain books you will automatically not be allowed to read. Please check the list below for those titles.
    AR Books on the DO NOT READ List
                                                            AR Form 2013-14
    If you need additional AR forms, click below to download.  Follow all directions on the form. Fill out the top portion, including PARENT SIGNATURE to get the book approved by me. BE SURE YOU GET APPROVAL BEFORE YOU BEGIN READING! Fill out the Book Recommendation Form located in the classroom prior to taking the test. 
                     AR Reward: Earn 10 AR points = 1 pass/Qtr. max. :)

    Remember, NO FORM and Qs = NO TEST!