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    App-etizer Training: This training highlights 10 iPad apps that bridge across all grade levels and subject matters. The selected apps are user friendly and easy to implement into tomorrow’s lesson. The training includes an overview of each app as well as recommended classroom uses.
    EdShelf: A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.
    Graphite: Find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom.
     QR Codes
     Link documents, movies, and other student work with QR Codes: Click Here
    30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in the Classroom:  Click Here
    App recommendations based on what you want to do:  Click Here
    Amazing Resource for all things Chrome: Click Here
    Ways to Use Chromebooks to Support Learning: Click Here
    Chromebook Classroom YouTube Channel:  Click Here
    Google Chrome Apps: Click Here
    Click Here: Have mobility by using your iPad to control your computer and SMART Board from anywhere in the room.
    Click Here: Notebook lesson guiding you through how to use Doceri and Reflector, including implementation ideas.
    Click Here: Make any video your lesson with this easy to use web-based tool that allows teachers to quickly turn videos into lessons. Customize and remix already made videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, etc. by cropping, imbedding questions, and adding voice overs to engage and focus student learning. This is a great tool for a flipped classroom.
    Google Drive 
    Click Here: Create and share original work in the cloud. Real time sharing and collaborating with colleagues, students, parents, administrators. Working from the cloud allows for access from multiple devices with a wifi connections.
    Learn Google with their tutorials and videos: http://learn.googleapps.com/docs
    10 Things Every Educator Should Know about Google Docs: http://www.edudemic.com/10-things-every-teacher-know-google-docs/
    Student Google Account Log-in to Create a Google Doc: Click Here
    QR Code a Google Doc: Click Here
    Export from iMovie to Google Drive on the iPad: Click Here
    How to Create a Contact Group for Your Class: Click Here
    Google Classroom
    Works together with Google Apps for Education.  Create and collect assignments paperlessly; automatically makes a copy of a Google Doc for each student; creates drive folders for each assignment and for each student; students can keep track of what's due and begin working with just a click; teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completely the work and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades.
    OPUSD Tutorial:  http://goo.gl/GWihtR
    Khan AcademyOverview: Click Here
    How to get students logged in:  Click Here
    How to make student recommendations: Click Here
    Web Zones
    Allow students to access typically blocked sites (e.g., YouTube) for a limited amount of time under your supervision: Click Here
    Click Here: Share iPad content from anywhere in the classroom to demonstrate apps; pass your ipad around for student use as an interactive whiteboard; display pictures/videos of student work; have students AirPlay from their iPad to share with whole class; use your iPad as a document camera.
    Click Here: Notebook lesson guiding you through how to use Doceri and Reflector, including implementation ideas.
    SchoolwiresPremium Video App: Click Here
    Post videos directly to your website without jumping through the hoops of Web 2.0
    Adding a Blog: Click Here
    Post discussion questions and invite students and/or parents to comment. From http://www.joshuaisd.org/Page/222
    Quicktime Player
     Use Quicktime to record your Mac's Screen for Free: Click Here
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