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    Welcome to Ms. Dishlip's Homepage!
    Important Information
    We are in Room 4!
    My email address is sdishlip@oakparkusd.org
    My phone number is (818) 707-4224 x 124

    Welcome to our Class WebPage!  I am so excited for the 2009-10 school year!  You will find important school and class information on this webpage.  If you have any questions please email me!   

    Classroom Procedure Reminders
    Homework Log and Weekly Newsletter
    Please read the Homework Log and Weekly Newsletter each week.  You will find important information and announcements about what we are doing in Room 4.  Don't forget to sign the homework log each night to show your child has finished their homework!
    Phonics Library Books
    Remember to read the assigned Phonics Library Stories every night.  These books are designed to reinforce phonics and spelling skills taught each week.  Please return the Phonics Library Books every Friday!
    Catch-Up and Mustard
    Each Friday, I will be going through your child's unfinished work folder.  If they have more than five pieces of unfinished work, they will be bringing home their work to finish over the weekend.  All unfinished work is due the following Tuesday.  Please be sure your child finishes this work as it is important for them to practice what we are working on in class.