Curriculum and Instruction 



    The Teaching & Learning Office of the Oak Park Unified School District focuses on identifying the important content and skills that students need to succeed in school and beyond. This office works continually to support the instruction that ensures that students master these academic goals. These academic targets are called content standards and administrators, teachers, parents and community work together to develop and prioritize the most important knowledge and skills throughout K-12 grade levels.
    Oak Park has currently developed standards in Language Arts, Mathematics, History-Social Science, Science, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, and Health. All incorporate global, national and state models as well as local expectations.
    Once standards are in place, the Office of Teaching & Learning works with teachers to translate goals into instructional plans and professional practice. This means selection quality materials that support standards, using multiple assessment strategies to measure and communicate progress, providing additional support for struggling students, and facilitating professional collaboration and development to ensure that every student has access and support to achieve standards.

    Confidential Administrative Asst. Classified Personnel
    Linda O'Gara
Last Modified on December 19, 2016