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    Welcome to  Mrs. Rosen's Homepage!
    Teacher:  Mrs. Rosen
    Room:  Computer Lab
    Email Address:  jrosen@opusd.org
    Welcome to the Brookside 21st Century Computer Lab!  Our Lab is equipped with iMacs loaded with all new programs - complete with the Microsoft Suite (Word & Power Point) and the iMac programs we love, including, Pages & Keynote.  

    We are pleased to be introducing our Google Apps for Education Curriculum to all students!  This makes collaborative learning possible and exciting where students can work on projects together, in real time, from their own home!  The opportunities are limitless with Google Apps for Education!
     Here's a sample of the things we do in the Computer Lab!  
    Beginning in Kindergarten we use programs that focus primarily on mouse control and letter recognition.  

    These skills build in First & Second Grade where students are able to navigate with the mouse and are introduced to the internet to expand their knowledge base.  First and Second Graders are introduced to Microsoft Word & Power Point and are able to complete many different projects in the Computer Lab!  

    Second Graders begin working collaboratively with their peers in Google Apps for Education by completing projects on their Birthstones and Animal projects.  It's expected that Second Graders will begin using proper finger placement for touch typing!  
    Third Grade students continue to master Microsoft Word and Power Point and step up their use of the Google Suite by completing documents in Google Docs and making presentations in Google Slides.  
    Fourth Grade students have been introduced to many programs including the Microsoft Suite of programs and all the iMac programs including Keynote and Pages.  They are fluent in many different options to complete their digital involvement in their education.  
    Fifth Grade students are working independently in the Computer Lab on many different projects.  Most fifth graders have mastered touch typing and are typing upwards of 30 words per minute.  They are capable on Google Apps for Education and are able to understand most tasks presented to them within the technology world!  I call them the Technology Wizards!
    Ask your children what they have learned!  You will be amazed!  I know I am!  
    Thanks for sharing your children with me!

     I welcome you to stop by and have a visit and see what we do!  I also welcome  you to volunteer in the lab with your child's class or other classes!  We love the parent help, and who knows, maybe you will learn something along with the students!  Make sure you stop in the office and check in when you are on campus.