• New Student Information
    Here at Oak Park High School we know that it can be difficult for new students to feel comfortable at and adapt to a new school.  That is why we, as peer counselors, have made it one of our main missions to welcome new students! Every single year we connect new students with their own personal Advanced Peer Counselor to welcome him or her, to show him or her around, and to answer any questions he or she may have.  We also try to keep in close contact with our new student throughout the year to insure that his or her transition is going well. :)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1.         How do I sign-Up for Clubs?

    a.       Club week usually occurs during the 2nd week of school. There will be announcements in the bulletin regarding the specific date of the week. At club week, each club has a table where you can sign-up for specific clubs. They usually ask for your email and they will contact you at a later date.  Tables are set up every day at lunch that week in the pavilion, so you can go anytime.

    2.       What are Rallies?

    a.       Rallies usually occur 4 times in a year. Each grade is given their own color and they sit with their grade. The rally consists of games, and introduction of the varsity sports for that season, etc. Remember to wear your grade color to support your grade.

    3.       How can I purchase lunch tickets?

    a.       Lunch tickets can be purchased through the student store during the year. Lunch tickets allow students to pre-purchase caferteria meals before hand.

    4.       Where do I purchase tickets for dances or school events?

    a.       Purchase all tickets for Dances and school events at the student Store. Bring your check or cash to the store along with your I.D. card. They will give you the ticket at the time of purchase.

    5.       What is seventh period?

    a.       Seventh Period is a support period meeting from 2:25-3:10. It is an opportunity for students to make up work they may have missed as well as seek extra help. Attendance at 7th Period is not mandatory though highly recommended. All teachers should be in their classrooms at 7th period, unless other whys notified.

    6.       How can I get a parking permit?

    a.       You can buy a Parking Permit at the student store. Parking permits are 100$ for the entire year. They allow you to park in the parking lot. Only juniors and seniors can get parking permits.

    7.       Who can get an off campus pass?

    a.       Only seniors can get off campus passes.

    8.       How do I become a part of Beginning Peer Counseling?

    a.       You can sign up for beginning peer counseling during club week. There will be a table set up and you can put down your email. Meetings will occur one day a week until the end of the year. Beginning Peer Counseling is a competitive program so make sure if you want to be a part of Advanced Peer Counseling that you show up and contribute to all of the meetings. Beginning Peer Counseling will be run by Mrs. Lovejoy the art teacher, assisted with the advanced Peer Counseling leadership member, Alexis Futterman.

    9.       If I want to talk to a peer counselor, how to I sign-up to see someone?

    a.       There is a peer counselor request document on this webpage under “Talk to a Peer Counselor”. You can also get this same request document from the office. Fill out the request document and turn it into the office for Ms. Fries (the counselor in charge of peer counseling). You will hear back from a Peer Counselor soon.


    If you have any more questions please feel free to email the leadership individual in charge of new student information, Amanda Katz at AmandakKatz@AOL.com. She will be happy to answer any of your questions because we are here to help.
Last Modified on February 5, 2020