Beginning Peer Counseling

    Want to be in Advanced Peer Counseling? Join Peer Counseling and learn all the skills necessary to become a helpful Advanced Peer Counselor.




    Recognize your communication style

    Empathize with the experiences of others

    Speak from your own experiences

    Participate in the process by listening as well as speaking

    Examine your own assumptions and perceptions


    Take responsibility for yourself and what you say


    Peer Counseling is a necessary program for all students who wish to become Advanced Peer Counselors.  Students are placed into smaller groups led by Advanced Peer Counselors where students meet once a week, at lunch, in order to learn important skills such as mediation.  Peer Counseling is a way for students to learn skills that will prepare them to face life issues in a positive light.  This program will teach the students techniques that will help them on and off campus.  By the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to apply to become and Advanced Peer Counselor and put your counseling skills to greater use.


    Sign-up for Peer Counseling at club week in the last week of September. There will be a table set up for you to put your name and email onto the Peer Counseling Sign-Up sheet.  You will be contacted about the first meeting soon after club week.


    Rules for Peer Counseling:

    1.     Please join if you are serious about being an Advanced Peer Counseling.

    2.     You can only miss 3 Meetings to be eligible for Applying for Advanced Peer Counseling.

    3.     Be on time to all meetings.

    4.     Put in your best effort!!


    If you have any questions regarding Peer Counseling or how to become a Peer Counselor, feel free to contact Anna Lovejoy . She will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Last Modified on February 5, 2020