Please message us if and when you would like us to acknowledge your child's birthday. Some children have a summer birthday and may want to celebrate their 1/2 birthday. Your child receives a birthday pencil, sticker, brag tag and we sing happy birthday in class.
    Instead of sending in food treats, some ideas for celebrating include:
    Donating a birthday book with your child's picture, name, and date inside the front cover. Most children like to wrap the book and open it in front of the class. If you'd like, you may also email us in advance to come read to the class. Please ask for our book wishlist for ideas.
    Small party favors/goodie bags are fine, but please NO FOOD. Your child may pass out the bags at the END of the day. Please no individual names. 
    Of course, you are not required to do anything extra for your child's birthday. Your child will feel special no matter what!