• STEAM Career Exploration Night


    Wednesday, February 15th,  2017       7:00-9:00 PM           Medea Creek Middle School Gym

    Bonnie Atmore 
    Special Guest Speaker 
    President & Chief Empowerment Officer of FOOD SHARE Ventura County’s Regional Foodbank  

    As part of the district’s STEAM initiative and our mission to educate compassionate and creative global citizens, Medea Creek will host this event for all parents and students grades 4 -12. An integral part of a STEAM framework is to create a progression from career awareness to career exploration to career pathways.

    STEAM jobs are increasing at a rate 25-30% more than non-STEAM jobs, but still go unfilled. These are creative, innovative, and high paying jobs that students may not be aware of because there are so many diverse STEAM professions today.  Are they for females too? Absolutely, yet women remain under-represented accounting for approximately only 15% of the STEAM workforce, even less for engineering.  So what kind of person becomes a STEAM professional? Would you enjoy these careers? Begin to explore now so you will know what courses to take in high school to be prepared to complete these amazing STEAM degrees.

    The purpose of this event is to allow parents and students to sit down at a table with a STEAM professional and learn about their career. Participants will spend 15 minutes at the professional’s table and rotate through a total of six tables. The professional at the table will give a brief description of the industry sector and their position. As a result, students explore STEAM-related career options and learn the practical applications of STEAM subjects through opportunities such as this. Ideally, they connect this to academic course work and electives to continue their exploration. For a more detailed list of professionals please view the program. 

    We also hope to develop business partnerships that provide job shadowing, mentoring, internships, and more. Another goal is to provide opportunities for the creation and sustainability of innovative public/private partnerships that aid in creating interest among students, preschool through college, to pursue the development of their STEAM knowledge, skills and abilities. We hope to inspire and prepare all of our students to seize the opportunities of the global society through innovation, inquiry, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.  It is a convergence of these with self-knowledge, adaptability, and a commitment to lifelong learning that makes students ready to achieve a fulfilling, financially-secure and successful career in an ever-changing global world. 

    Download the program guide for a listing of presenters and sponsors: